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Full text of "In memoriam. The family of John Lawrence (continued) The family of Philip Goss, of Lancaster, Mass., and Winchester, N. H. The family of Selah Pomeroy, of Stanstead P., Quebec"

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L.C. Vno^^ rv.CL-st^*' ^^.'^. 


\ U — "^ 



%n £©emonam. 

Til FAMILY OF 1011 MWllIOl 


Til FAULT OF miUf GQSS, OF LilOiSTll, IMS,, 
AKS WmClESTlB, I„ 1. 


3J» 3jIc\). John 2ti\i)reiTce. 

" Every man's best pleasures should be at home, for there is the sphere for the 
exercise of his best virtues,'' — Amos Lawrenci. 


MuNSELL, Printer, 82 State St. 

J-" J > 
» > J 

> i > 1 1 > 1 .< J ' 

> > > >>'ii>i'3 


Astor, Lenox and Tilden ^ 




t «» t « ' » . 

r * • * t » 

1 I' I I c 

I <■ » • c 

C t 4 It « C 

T<5 the memory of 

Mary (Goss Lawrence) Pomuoy, , 
" In Memoriam " 
is most affectionately inscribed. 

" Peace to the just man's memory, let it grow 
Greener with years and blossom through the flight of ages." 

Cambridge Mass. j^^^ LAWRENCE. 

Sept. lo, 1881. 



The Family of John Lawrence 7 

New Families 19 

The Family of Philip Goss 33 

Eltweed Pomioy 7U 

The Family of Selah Pomroy 75 

Closing Notes 82 

Index of Families 89 


Thk Edition of 1869. 

[Quotaiion frojn the Boston Daily Evening Traveller. "l 

" Altogether, the record of the Lawrences is one of which 
auy family might he proud ; and not less occasion have they 
to be satisfied with the thorough and beautiful and convenient 
manner in which their genealogical history has been drawn out 
by their industrious and most worthy kinsman, the compiler of 
this handsome volume," 

[Fi'om the Neic Emj. Hist, and Gen. Hegisier.] 

" The book is beautifully })rinted, the plan of arrangement is 
clear, and the dates are given with satisfactory exactness. In 
all these respects we can with pleasure assure the author that 
he has done a good work." 

" It is a work which must have required immense labor, and 
has been done witii remarkable accuracy." — Sam'l A. Green, 

" The books have been distributed, and give perfect satisfac- 
tion ; all expressing pleasure in having so full and complete a 
work." — A.R.Mason. 

[^From the Congregationalist, July 25. 1877.] 

" This work has been continued to the year 1876, by the affec- 
tionate labor of our friend, the Kkv. Joun Lawkence. In 
1847 he {(ublished the first portion. Ten years later he printed 
a second edition. In 1869 he continued, enlarged and perfected 
it. And now, in this beautiful 8 vo. of 74 pages, he adds so 
much of material, whether new or in continuation of family 
lines before given, as his dilligent lal)or has been able to re- 
cover. Fewfamilies in Ncav England have been so happy both 
in the materials of their history, ami in the felicity of its 
arrangements as the Lawrences." 

"Boston, July 20, 1881. 

" My Dear Sir : 

"Accept ray thanks for my share of the benefit which has re- 
sulted from your labors in hunting up the memorials of the 
Lawrences and in preserving what there are left.. 

'' Yours truly, 

"Rev. John Lawrence." 


OV Lawkknck, as :i jicrsoiial and family name, it is sufficient 
to say, as to tlu- oithoifiapliy, that it is now almost univer- 
sally spelled and written Lainri-xrc, and not Laurence or Law- 
rance, as formerly was the ease. 

The di'iivation of this name of men may be traced to the 
T^atin word Laurns — Laiirentius. Its signification has been 
thus given on the Town llecords of Hingham, ^Nfass,, first page: 
"Cliristian names foi- men now most used with the signification, 
LavreHre — flourishing like a bay-tree." 

Laurentius, also called St. Laurence, chief deacon of Sixtus, 
IJishoj) of Home, is the first ]»ersoii ktiowii to whose name our 
own l)ears any resemldance. 

To Si.xtus, going to martyrdom, he said, " Whither goest 
thou, father, without tliy son?" — "You shall follow me in 
three days," was his answer. And so indeed it proved. "I 
know," saifl the Prefect of Rome, "ye value yourselves for con- 
temning death, and therefore ye shall not die at once." Laur- 
entius was then stripped, extended, and fastened to a gridiron, 
and broiled to death by a slow fire, Aug. 10, a.d. 258. 

The first individual of this name who lived in England, yet 
ascertained, was Lawrence the monk Collier, in his dictionary, 
has th^ \\A\\\e I^aitrcntius. In Harris's " History of Kent," it 
is Laicroicr. lie came from Italy with Austin, who was sent 
to Britain for the ))ropagalion of Christianity in the island. 

Ujion the death of Austin, he succeeded him to tlie Arch- 
bishojiric of Canterbury. He is said to have been both learned 
and pious ; and, at his death, was buried in the Abbey of St, 
Austins, \.\). '.»](;. 

The Introductiox. 


The Indian name of Watertown, tlie birthplace of our family, 
as found in its early records, was " Pequusset." 

Its present name was probably given on account of the 
abundant supply of water found there. 

Among the families which first settled in Watertown were 
those of Sir R. Saltonstall and Rev. George Phillips, in all a 
dozen or more, that came over in the " Arbella," a shijt which 
arrived at Salem in June, 1G30. 

Proceeding from Salem to Charlestown, they next passed up 
Charles river about four miles, and began their settlement, 
the fourth in the colony, which rapidly increased in numbers 
and prosperity. Though inland, the place derived great advan- 
tage from the tide-water of the Charles river. 

On the earliest list of proprietors is found the name of " John 
Lawrence." Ilis homestead of eight acres was bounded east 
by Common street, south by John Biscoe's homestead, north 
by T. Hawkins, west by his own nine acres of meadow. lie 
was the grantee of ten lots, and purchaser of Isaac Cummins's 
grant of thirty-five acres, in the "Great Dividends." 

On his removal 1o Groton, in ]662, he sold his homestead — 
a dwelling-house and about thirteen acres, "being the now 
mansion-house of said John Lawrence" — to John Biscoe. 


In date and form it is priytieval, as divinely ordained in Eden 
by God, in the creation of man, male and female ; and their 
union in marriage, whereby they became one flesh, was the 
first manifestation of the human race in social relations and 

The family is dual as to parentage, or persons joined in mar- 

Thk Introduction. 

riair«', wliilf prinn-val aiul u unit in form. Adam .ind Eve, the 
first, were also the onhj, pcrtions created as progenitors of nian- 
kintl. One man an«l one woman were thus divinely constituted 
the parents of the race. 

Moreover, it is norinal, as being the only established and 
lawful state of social union and life for mankind. 

'Phis union of man and woman, and state of those one in 
heart, obligations, and duties, is alone iK>rmal and adapted to 
the wants and welfare of the race. 

The family is geruiinal — the seed-bud or appointed means 
for the jiropagation of the human race. God blessed the man 
and woman created and joiiied in marriage by him, and said, 
"Be fruitful and multiply, and rei)lcnish the earth." Hence, 
"marriage is'' not only "honorable in all," but the family state 
is the only one approved of Gnd, and lawful to man, for the 
propagation of his species. While, therefore, the race germi- 
nates in the family and is propagated frdui generation to gen- 
eration, a thousand social relations, duties, comforts and delights 
spring up therein to bless mankind. 

The familv is essential, as without it the world would be a 
mere chaos of human beings. The domestic state is indispen- 
sable to the health and comfort of mankind. 

It is essentially necessary to that moral i>urity in the sexes 
required by God, and alone respectalde among men. It is the 
substratum or ground-work ol" all social relations, domestic 
comforts, and good manners in society. 


It is 8]>ecially //////'-a/, as it forshadows — first, the Srhool, 
in the nurture and education of children. Home education is 
all some children ever have. Second, the Stati . Family gov- 
ernment was the first known. 

The father was a prince or ruler in Lis house, as Abraham 


The Introduction. 

and the patriarchs. Children were subjects of government 
first in tlie family. Obedience to parental authority insures 
obedience in the State. Equity and law in the family are such 
in the State. 

Third, the CInirrh. Indeed, in the first ages of the race, 
piety, fear and worship of (4od, were confined to the family. 
Naturally enough has the father been regarded both a prince 
and a priest in his own house; and as far as children are 
trained in the love and service of (lod, so far is there hope for 
the Church of Christ. 

The conclusion of the subject is, that the family, as consti- 
tuted in man's creation and condition in Eden, is universal. 
Not for Adam and Eve only, and their posterity to the deluge; 
not for Noah and his sons only, in their generations — but for 
the human race in all time, was the family state ordained,* that 
every man and woman might share and enjoy its blessings. 
How else shall the people of our land and the world have 
homes? How else shall the tender and endearing relations of 
kinilred be per])etuatod ? How, without the family, can do- 
mestic happiness be preserved in the earth ? 

Marriage and parentage thus unite, in the providence of God, 
to form and maintain the family, which furnishes both the oc- 
casion and material for Genealogy, this being simply an "enu- 
meration of ancestors and their children in the natural order 
of succession." 

The most ancient and important record of the kind, unpar- 
alleled indeed in its nature, is the genealogical table given in 
the New Testament; extending, as recorded in one case, from 
Abraham, and in the other from Adam, to Christ, a period of 
four thousand years. 

" Mary, the noble virgin of David's royal race," of whom 
the Saviour was born, terminates the long series of generations, 
which, sustained by life-giving power, like a golden chain ex- 
tends onward through the whole course of development pre- 


cfdiiiLj t lie :i(lvciit ol" Clirivt. No oilier nation Init hors coulfl 
furiiisli Micli :i ii^encalogy; no other liook than the Uiblc pub- 
lish it to (he worhl. 



Generation No. 1. 

1. FA JUL Y No. I. —JOHN LAWRENCE, son of Henkt 

and Maby, born at Wisset, England; baptized Oct. 8, 

160y ; canu' to New England, married P^lisabeth , 

and settled in Watertown. They had children: 

2. i. JOHN, b. March 14, 1636. 2, Charlestown. 

3. ii. NATHANIP:L, b. Oct. 15, 1639. 3, Groton. 

4. iii. JosEi'H, b. March, 1642; d. May, 1642. 

5. iv. Joseph, b. May 30, 1643; m., probably in 1670-1, Re- 

6. l)ecca ; had dau. Rebecca baptised in the First 

Church, Boston, P'eb., 1679-80. He was admitted 
a freeman. May 15, 1672; appointed an executor of 
his father's estate; and held lands in Groton. 

7. V. Jonathan, b. — ; d. — ; buried April 6, 1648. 

8. vi. MARY, b. July 16. 1645. 4, Charlestown. 

9. vii. PELEG, b. Jan. 10, 1646-7. 5, Groton. 

10. viii. ENOCH, b. March 5, 1648-9. 6, Groton. 

11. ix. Samuel, b. — ; m., it is supposed, Sept. 14, 1682, Re- 

becca Luen, of Charlestown; and removed to Con- 

12. }i. Isaac, b, — ; m., April 19, 1682, Abigail Bellows, b. 

in Concord, May 6, 1661, who through her mother, 
Mary Woods Bellows, became heir, with her lius- 

8 Gexealooy of the 

Genkiiation No. 1. 
|pan«l, of ail uiicit', Dea. Isaac Wpods, of Marlbo- 
roiiijli. Isaac Lawrencf lived for a time in Norwich, 

13. xi. Ki.i.sAHKTii, li. ]M:iy 9, 1<;.55, in Boston; and l>y will of 

li.r fatlicr '• to livr with Mr. Ensign Buss, of Con- 
c-"i<l. till of age." 

14. xii. .ToNATiiAX, 1'. — , in Watertown; probably ni., Nov. 

.3, 1677, Rebecca liutter, of Cambridge; died in 
1729, leaving no issue, liy his Avill, dated Aug. 
'J7, I72."i, approved Oct. 20, 1729, he left to the town 
of Groton "£100 towards the purchasing and pro- 
curing a good niceting-honse bell, and the putting 
it up." It was voted, " that the name of Lieut. 
(Jonathan) Lawrence be set thereon." Also, he left 
" to the church of Christ in Groton £40, to be laid 
out for the procuring of some silver vessel or ves- 
sels for the church's use, as they shall order; " also 
"£20, the income to be annually paid or accounted 
for to the settled or ordained minister." 

15. xiii. Zecuariaii, b. March 9, 1658-9, in Watertown. He 

was a marinei-, and lived j^robably in Boston. 

Elisabeth, wife of John Lawrence, died in Groton, Aug. 
29, 1663. He m., Nov. 2, 1664, Susanna, daughter 
of Wm. Batchelder, of Charlestown; by whom he 

16. xiv. Abigail, b. Jan. 9, 1666, in Groton. 

17. XV. Susanna, b. July 3, 1667, in Groton. 

He was admitted a freeman, April 17, 1637, when 
about twenty-eight years old ; though it will be 
seen, by the early ^Massachusetts Records, that the 
freeman's oath was given at first to males of only 
sixteen years. Feb. 28, 1636, he received three 
acres of land, his share of a grant then made to the 

Family of John IjAwrence. 

Generation No. 1. 

townsmen, a Imndred and six in number. Tn 1650, 
he bought of the town fifteen acres of common land 
(called King's Common). "In 1654, Hugh Mason 
received of John LaAvrence, clerk, £2. 17s. 6d., 
money for town or parish use," His removal to 
Groton is determined by various facts and dates. 
Town Records are in existence, dated June 23, 
1662 ; the first probably made. As one of the origi- 
nal proprietors, he owned " a twenty-acre right." 
The sale of his lands and mansion-house in Water- 
town was made in 1662. In December of the same 
year, it appears by the records of Groton, "meet 
men were found amongst the inhabitants," of whom 
" John Lawrence " was one, " who were chosen 
selectmen." He was evidently a man of some intel- 
ligence and infiuence, and held a good place in the 
public esteem. Though a large landholder for the 
times, he is said to have carried on the business of a 
carpenter both in Watertown and Boston. He died 
in Groton, July 11, 1667 ; leaving his sons Nathan- 
iel and Joseph, and wife Susanna, executors of his 
will. The widow, Susanna B. Lawrence, died July 
8, 1668, in Charlestown. 

Extracts from the will of John Lawrence, sen., deceased 1667. 

1st, Of himself. — " I commend my soul into ye hands of him 
who gave it; and my body to ye earth, to a decent burial, in 
full hope of a joyful resurrection, when in my flesh I shall 
see God." 

2d, Of his wife. — "I will, yt besides what hath been formerly, 
by legacy, cod tract, or otherwise, engaged to my wife, and is 
her due, there be added lo it threescore pounds. And my 
will is, yt she have free and full liberty in the first place, and 
before any other legacy be paid, to make choice out of the 
whole Estate, cither lands or moveables ; '' " provided, if of 

10 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. 1. 

lands she shall take of land and meadow proportionable ;" 
" provided, also, that loure oxen be reserved out of the move- 
bles." " And, if she will live in the house duriuj^ the time of 
her widowhood, it shall be without molestation." 

3d, Of his children. — " I will, that, after my lawful debts and 
engagements are paid, ye residue of my estate be disposed to 
every of my children born to me by my former wife, — to every 
and each of you an equal portion." 

4th, Of Mary. — "Only provided, yt my daughter Mary shall 
have but half ye portiou with ye rest, to teach her a remem- 
brance of her disobedience and unfaithfulness to me in my 
distress; and ye other half of ye portion shall fall to my son 
Zechariah, being ye youngest, and incapable of pn sent shift- 
ing for himself." The will was witnessed by Samuel Willard 
and Wm. Lakin, called his " loving friends.'' 

Gexeratiox Xo. 2. 

(2) FAMILY No. 77. — JOHN-, ru., probably 1st, Sept. 30, 

1657, Sarah Buckmaster ; m., 2d. Susanna ; and 

lived in Charleston, it is thought. They had child- 
ren : 

18. i. Hanxah, b. Feb. 22, 1658-9 ; m., Sept. 21, 1682, 

19. James Capen ; and had, 1st, James ,b. July 11, 

20. 1683; 2d, Hannali, b. Oct. 13, 1686 ; m. An- 

21. ii. Abigail, bapt. April 24, 1081, age 19 ; m., Sept. 1, 

1684, Edward Wyer. After his death, m., Dec. 25, 
1689, Nicholas Lawrence, jun., of Charle.stown, who 
d. Feb. 28, 1710-11. She next rn. Edward Clifford, 
of Charlestown, and d. before 1729. 

l^OTE.— The fgiiresfolloiriitg certain names, indicate the family of such 
individuals; the figures placed against each "Family" ov name, as head, 
give the number of such person in the total or continued account. 

Family of John Lawrence. 11 

Generation No. II. 

22. iii. Sakah, h. — ; d. 1724, in Chavlestown. 

23. iv. Davip, 1). — ; ni., Feb. 3, IVOO-I, Sarali "NVhittemore, 

of Chavlestown ; had children, as is supposed, 1st, 

24. 25. Uriah ; 2d, Elisabeth ; m. Dickson ; had son 

26. Junatlian ; 3d, Catherine ; m., March, 1736, Rich- 
ard Chanipney, of Boston ; liad dan. Sarah ; 4th, 

27, 28. Jonathan ; m. and had children ; 5th, Sarah; m. 

Phillips. David Lawrence died before 1735. 

29. V. John, b. March 22, 1668; bapt. March 3, 1681-2, in 

Charlestown; d. — ; probably unmarried; was a 

The inventory of John Lawrence, taken June 17, 1670, 
was £160. 8s. Susanna, liis widow, ni. Aug. 15, 
1676, Thomas Tarbell, of Charlestown. 

(^) FAMILY No. ///.— NATHANIEL-', m., March 13, 
1660-1, in Sudbury, Sarah, dau. of Jolin and Hannah 
Morse, of Dedhani. They had children: 

30. i. Nathaniel, b. April 4, 1661, in Sudbury; ni., 1st, 

31. Jane ; had dau. Jane, b. in Charlestown, March 

26, 1711; wife d. April 8, 1711; ni., 2d, 1725, Ann 
Seccorab, of Medford; lived in Medford; had a son, 

32. Nathaniel, who m., May 9, 1710, Sarah Belcher, of 
Charlestown. His brother Jonathan was adminis- 
trator of his estate in 1739. 

33. ii. Sakau, b. Jan. 1, 1662-3, in Sudbury; d. soon. 

34. iii. Hannah, b. July 3, 1664, in Groton; soon d. 

35. iv. JOHN, b, July 29, 1661. 7, Groton and Lexington. 

36. V. Mary, b. March 3, 1669-70; d. young. 

37. vi. Sarah, b. May 16, 1672; ni, probably, Samuel Page; 

d. before her father made his will. 

38. vii. Elisabeth, b. July 6, 1674; d. Oct. 20, 1675. 

39. viii. Elisabeth, b. ; m. in 1709, Abuer Harris, of 


12 Genealogy of the 

Qeneuation No. II. 

40. ix. Dkbokah, b. March 24, 1683; m.— Tufts, of Medford. 

Mrs. Sarali Lawrence d. in Groton, Aug. 29, 1683. 
Hem., Nov. 9, 1687, Hannah Tarbell, of Groton, by 
whom he had: 

41. X. Hannah, b. April 26, 1687; m. Samuel Holden. 

42. xi. ]\[ary, b. Oct. ]6, 1690; m. Zebadiah Wheeler. 

43. xii. JONATHAN, b. June 14, 1696. 8, Stonehara. 

He was admitted a freeman in 1672, was a deacon of 
the church in Groton, and was one of the first repre- 
sentatives of the town in the General Court. Mrs. 
Hannah Lawrence died in Charlestowu, Nov. 25, 
1717. His son John having settled at Cambridge 
Farms, afterwards Lexington, Deacon Lawrence 
removed to Lexington, where he died, April 14, 
1724, aged eighty-five years. The date of his will 
is Aug. 4, 1718. It was proved May 8, 1724, and 
names several children and heirs then living. 
Amount of inventory, £714. 18s. 6(7. 

Passages from tJie Will of Deacon Nathaniel Lawrenee, sen, given 
while residing in Charlestmcn. 

Imprimis. — I commit my soul into the hand of God, who gave 
it ; and my body to the dust, in hopes of a happy and a 
glorious resurrection through the power and merits of my 
alone Saviour Jesus Christ, my Redeemer. 

Item. — My will is, that my fuiifral charges be satistied out of 
my estate, in the first place. 

Item. — I give to my eldest son, Nathaniel Lawrence, besides 
what I gave him before, ten acres of land in Groton, at a 
place called Indian Hill, and one acre of meadow near Brown- 
loaf Plain ; and, at Cow-pond Brook, I give him ten acres of 
meadow, with six acres of upland adjoining to it. And I 
give £10 more to my son aforesaid. Also, — 

Item. — I give to my son John Lawrence £20, besides what he 
Jias had before. 

Family of John Lawrence. 13 

Generation No. II. 

Item. — I give to my daiiglitor Holdcn four acres of meadow at 
a place called Kock Meadow, at the lower end, and also sixty 
acres of land at a place called Mulpiis, and six acres of in- 
terval ; all which 1 value at £20. 

Item. — I give to my daughter Mary Wheeler £30. 

Item. — I give to my son Samuel Page the remainder of Rock 
Meadow, with two acn s of meadow at a place called Squauua 
Cook. And sixty acres of laud at Mulpus, with six acres of 
interval, with a ten-acre right, I give to my daughter Holden 
and my son Page, to be equally divided between them, -which 
I value at £20. 

He gave also to daughter Elisabeth Harris, £20 ; to daughter 
Deborah Tufts, £20 ; and to a grand-daughter, Jane Law- 
rence, " a porridge-pot " at his decease. The balance of the 
estate was to be equally divided among all the heirs. Nathaniel 
and John Lawrence were sole executors of this his last will 
and testament, Aug. 4, 1718. 

{"") FAMILY Xo. JT: — MARY-, m., Aug. 25, 1663, 
Inego Potter, of Charlestown, and had children : 

44. i. John, b. — , 

45. ii. Richard, b. — . 

46. iii. Inego, bapt. April '24, 1683. 

47. iv. Robert, b. July o; bapt. July 9, 1682. 

Mrs. Mary Potter died Feb. 10, 1686-7, aged forty- 
one years. 

(9) FAMILY No. V. — PELEG', m., 1668, Elizabeth 
:Morse; b. Sept. 1, 1647. They had : 

48. i. Elisaheth, b. Jan. 9, 1669. 

49. ii. Samuel, b. Oct. 16, 1671; supposed to have lived in 

Sherburne; d. March, 1712, in Killingly, Conn., 
leaving Abigail a widow. 

50. iii. ELEAZER, b. Feb. 28, 1674. 9, Littleton. 

51. iv. Jonathan, b. March 29, 1679; probably m. Abigail 
52 ; lived in Sherburne; had a son, Jonathan, b. 


14 GkxealoctY of the 

Genbuation No. II. 

5;L v. AniGAiL, b. Oct. 6, lOSi. 

54. vi. .If.remiah, h. Jan. 3, 1686-7; d. Ai)nl 26, 1687. 
,55. vii. JosErHjb. .lune 12,1688; went to Connecticut before 
1712, and settled in Plainficld. 

56. viii. Daniel, b. — . 

57. ix. Susanna, b. — . 

The last two names are given as cliildren in the inven- 
tory of Peleg Lawrence made 1695. He died in 
Groton, where these children Avere born, in 1692, 
aged forty-five years. 

(10) FAMILY No. rZ — ENOCHS ra., March 6, 1676, in 
Watertown, Ruth daughter of John and Ruth 
Whitney, and widow of John Shattuck, of Water- 
town. They had children: 

58. i. NATHANIEL, b. Feb. 21, 1677-8, in Watertown. 

10, Groton. 

59. ii. DANIEL, b. March 7, 1681, in Groton. 11, Killingly 

and Canaan, Conn. 

60. iii. ZECHARIAH, b. July 16, 1683. 12, Groton and 


61. iv. Jekemiah, b. May 1, 1686. 

He died in Groton, Sept, 28, 1744, when nearly ninety- 
five years old. 

Generation No. III. 

(3-0 FAMILY No. r//.— JOHN', m. in Groton, Nov, 9, 
1687, Anna Tarbell, b. 1070. They had children 
born in Groton and Lexington: 

62. i. J(JHN, b. Jan. 9, 1889. 1,3, Woburn. 

6,3. ii. THOMAS, b. Dpc, 23, 1691. 14, Groton. 

64. iii. Nathaniel, b. Jan. 31, 1694; d. before 1726. 

Family of John Lawrence. 15 

Generation No. III. 

(J5. iv. \yiLLIA:M, 1). Aug. 11, 1697. 15, Groton. 

GO. V. Samuel, b. July 9, 1700 ; ni. Elizabeth ; bad 

67. (laugliter Rutli, b. Jan. 21, 172.5-6. 

68. vi. ANNA, }). Oct. 29, bapt. Nov. 1, 1702. 16, Groton. 

69. vii. JONATHAN, b. FeV). i:i, 1706. 17, Lexington. 

70. viii. Sak.mi, b. June I'.t, 1708; m. Josiah Fisk. 

71. ix. BENJAMIN, b. jNIay 24, I7i;3. 18, Westborougb 

and Bolton. 

72. X. AMOS, b. Feb. 19, 1715-6. 19, Groton. 

John Lawrence, and Anna his wife were received into 

the church in Lexington, Fel). 9, 1698-9. She died 
Dec. 19, 17:^2, aged sixty-three years. He died 

March 12, 1746-7, aged seventy-nine years seven 

months. He was a man of understanding and piety, 

and sustained important offices and relations in 

society, devoting himself especially to the support 

' of schools and rtie gospel of Christ. A few clauses 

from his will are given: 

1st, Of himself. — " Calling to mind the mortality of my body, 
and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, I 
do make and ordain tljis my last will and testament. That 
is to say, principally and first of all, I give and reconmiend 
my soul unto the hands of God who gave it, hoping, through 
the merits, death, and passion of my Saviour Jesus Christ, 
to have full and free pardon and forgiveness of all my sins, 
and to inherit everlasting life ; and my body I commit to the 
earth, to be decently buried at the discretion of my executor, 
nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall re- 
ceive the same again by the mighty power of God." 

2d, " I will, that all those debts and duty, I owe in riglit or 
conscience to any manner of person or persons whatever 
shall be well and truly paid, or ordained to be paid in con- 
venient time after my decease, by my executor hereafter 

16 Oknealogy of thk 

Geneuation No. ITT. 

3cl, Of Samuel.— " I do give unto uiy son. Samuel Liiwicnce, 
one lunulrc'd pounds, old tenor, out of my e.state, besides 
what I liave given him : out of whieh, all his just debts due 
in this country shall be paid, aii<l the remainder to be re 
funded to him iflivin^^ ; it not, to be efjually divided amongst 
my other ehildreu, it being in full of his part out of my 

4th, Of Anna and Sarah. — "My will is, that my daughters, 
Anna Bancroft and Sarah Fisk, luvve one hundred pounds 
apiece, old tenor, out of my estate. 

5th, Of four of his sons. — " ^ly will is, that my sons John 
Lawrence and William and lienjamin and Amos Lawrence, 
do have one hundred and twenty pounds apiece, old tenor, 
out of my estate." 

6th, Of Jonathan. — " I constitute, make, and ordain my son, 
Jonathan Lawrence, my only and sole executor of this my 
last will and testament." He received, among other things, 
all his father's " lands, in the township of Towsend, undis- 
posed of." 

i'i^) JTAMIZY iVb. F/ZJ. — JONATHAN ', m. Hannah 

, and had: 

73. i. JONATHAN, b. Dec. 27, 1T24, in Charlestowu. 20, 

14. ii. EiJENEZER, b. — ; m. April 2, 1T54, widow Sarali 
75. Bason, of Groton; lived in Stoueham; had son 

Ebenezer, b. Sept. 19, 1700, in IStoneham. 

Deacon Jonathan Lawrence was cliosen, May 20, 1765, 
one of the committee to tune the psahn in the Stone- 
ham congregation; was repeatedly cliosen modera. 
tor of the town-meeting; and took an active part 
in town and parish business until near his death, 
1774, when nearly eighty years old. 

C'") FAMILY No. 7A'.— ELKAZER', ni. Mary , b. 

about 1679, and hail: 

Family of John Lawrence. 17 

Generation No. III. 

16. i. Elisabeth, b, Feb. 28, 1699; m. Buttrick; and 

77. 78. d. leaving children and heirs. 

79. ii. PELEG, b. June 1, 1701. 21, Groton and Pepperell. 

80. iii. JONATHAN, b. Oct. 4, 1703. 22, Littleton. 

81. iv. DAVID, b. Dee. 26, 1705. 23, Littleton. 

82. V. Maky, 1). — ; ni. Fletcher. 

83. vi. SARAH, b. — . 24, Groton. 

84. vii. SA:MUEL, b. May 2, 1714. 2o, Littleton. 

85. viii. Experience, b. June 22, 1719; m. Jabez Keep. 

86. ix. PRUDENCE, b. April 7, 1722. 26 Groton. 

87. X, ELEAZER, b. — ; named in his father's will; may 

have been the hfth child. 27, Littleton. 
The children of Major Eleazer Lawrence were born in 
Groton, though the births of some were not re- 
corded. He lived also in Littleton, and a short time 
in Pepperell; and died March 9, 1754, aged eighty 
years. Mrs. Mar)'- Lawrence departed this life 
June 29, 1761, in the eighty-second year of her age. 

(5S) FAMILY No. A^— NATHANIEL', m. Anna Scripture, 
of Mason, N. H., by whom he had children in 
Groton : 

88. i. NATHANIEL, b. May 3, 1702. 28, Groton. 

89. ii. JAMES, b. Aug. 26, 1705. 29, Groton and Pepperell. 

90. iii. ANNA, b. July 3, 1708. 30, Groton. 

91. iv. ENOCH, b. Nov. 15, 1710. 31, Pepperell and Mason, 

N. H. 

92. V. SARAH, b. March 15, 1713. 32, Groton. 

93. vi. Martha, b. Dec. 7, 1715; m., Feb, 11, 1735-6, Wil- 

94. liam Blood, of Groton. . Had Martha, b. Jan. 25 
1736-7; m. John Nutting. 

95. vii. JOSEPH, b. April 10, 1718. 33, Groton and Pepperell. 

96. viii. BENJAMIN, b. Nov. 6, 1720. 34, Groton. 

97. ix. Rebecca, b. April 17, 1724. 


18 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. III. 

98. X. Lois, b. Sept. 26, 1726; in., Dec. 17, 1751, Bezaleel 

Sawyer, of Lancaster. 

99. xi. Eunice, b. July 25, 1728; d. Nov. 15, 1747. 

Mr.s. Anna Lawrence died Sei)t. 31, 1758, aged seventy- 
tliree years eiglit months twenty-one days. He died 
Sept. 12, 17G5, aged eighty-seven years six months 
twenty-one days. 

(•^") FAMILY No. AT.— DANIEL^ m. Sarali , and had 


100. i. DANIEL, b. April 22, 1702, in Groton. 35, Canaan, 


101. ii. ISAAC, b. I'eb. 25, 1704-5, in Groton. 36, Canaan, 


102. iii. John, b. — ; son by second wife; lived in Norfolk, 

Conn. ; had the use of a faiin from his brother Isaac 
fur taking care of their father in his old age. 

103. iv. JEREMIAH, 1), — . 37, Canaan, Conn. 

Mr. Daniel Lawrence had two wives, and it is said, 

121. twenty-two children. He removed from Groton to 
Plainfield, Conn., about 1707, and settled in what 
became the town of Killingly. 

C^") FA3IILY No. AVZ— ZECHARIAH ', m. about 17u7, 
Abigail, a grand-daughter of Deacon James Parker, 
of Groton. ""Ilieir children were: 

122. i. ZECHAKIAII, b. May 8, 1708. 32, Groton. 

123. ii. RUTH, b. Sept. 3, 1710. 38, Groton. 

124. iii. JEREMIAH, b. Dec. 7, 1713. 39, Groton. 

125. iv. JosiAH, b. July 4, 1715; d. Nov. 13, 1717. 

126. V. ABIGAIL, b. 3Iay 11, 1718. 40, Groton. 

127. vi. ELISABETH, b. Oct. 15, 1720. 41, Pepperell. 

128. vii. JosiAii, b. Oct. 11, 1723; ra., Dec. 3, 1746, Eliz:ibeth 

Lakin, of Groton. 

Family of John Lawrence. 19 

Genekation No. III. 

129. viii. RACHEL, b. 1727. 42, Groton. 

He married, Sept. IV, 1740, a second wife, — Lucy 
Lakin, widow of Josiah Lakin, of Groton; and died 
June 18, 1754, in Pepperell, aged seventy-one years. 


Generation No. V. 

(23--0 FAMILY No. A^/JJ.— JOSIAH, m. Mary, and had: 

130. i. Marv, b. Dec. 19, 1761. 

131. ii. Josiah, b. Nov. 29, 1763. 

132. iii. Lucy, b. April 22, 1765. 

133. iv. Roger, b. March 4, 1767. 

134. V. Deborah, b. Jan. 18, 1769. 

135. vi. DIAH, b. Dec. 27, 1772. 

136. vii. JuDAH, b. June 30, 1774; d. April 20, 1791. 

137. viii. Solomon, b. March 16, 1778. 

Josiah Lawrence it is supposed was b. Aug. 11, 1735, 
in Littleton, Mass., a twin with Eleazar, and 
son of Eleazar and Lucy Tuttle Lawrence. His 
residence was in Bennington, Vt. Date of death 
not given. 

Generation No. VI. 

(13') FAMILY No. AZF:— DIAH, m., Oct. 19, Ksod, 
Lucretia Peck, and had: 

138. i. Byron, b. July 2, 1802; d. Oct. 13, 1854. 

139. ii. Almon, "b. May 18, 1804. 

140. iii. Lydia, b. Aug. 30, 1806. 

141. iv. Amanda, b, March 16, 1808; d. Dec. 29, 1813. 

142. V. Olive E., b. July 9, 1810; d. Jan. 4, 1814. 

20 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. VI. 

143. vi. LucRETiA E., b. Jan. 27, 1812. 

144. vii. Samantha, b. March 29, 1814; d. May 1, 1850. 

145. viii. Milton, b. Feb. 13, 1816. 

146. ix. Abisha., b. Jan. 28, 1818. 

147. X. Julian Diah, b. Feb. 15, 1821; ha.s had business and 

residence in Lynn, Mass. 

148. xi. Mary Olivk, b. Nov. 11, 1823. 

149. xii. Hexry, b. July 20, 1826. 

150. xiii. Jane E., b. Oct. 3, 1828. 

The residence of this family is supposed at Benning- 
ton, Vt. 

(44fi) FAMILY lio. AT.— JONATHAN, m. Lucy, dau. of 
Nathaniel Sheldon, b. in 1758, and had: 

151. i. Lucy, m. Prescott of Groton, Mass. 

152. ii. Anna, m. Stone. 

153. iii. Elisabeth, m. David Fierce. 

154. iv. LvDiA, was a school teacher, killed by lightning, 

155. V. Olive, d. young. 

156. vi. Jerusha, m. a lawyer in New York city. 

157. vii. Jonathan, settled in Wethersfield, Vt. 

Jonathan Lawrence was a son of John and Elisabeth 
L., of Ashby, Mass.; born Dec. 11, 1755; died in A., 

('•-'9) FAMILY No. AT/.— EZEKIEL, ni. and had chikl- 

158. 159. ren in Pejjerell, ]\Iass., William, Joel Bailey (20, 
160. Ohio), and a daughter. His wife died and he went 
101. to Monkton, Vt. ; m. and had Warren Jesse and 
162. dau. Lucretia. Ho was son of Thomas and Sarah 

Bailey Lawrence, born July 2, 1762, in Pepperell; 
died in Monkton, about 1830, aged 68 years. 


Family of John Lawrence. 21 

Generation No. VI. 
(7^^o) FAMILY No. .YFJ/.— NICHOLAS, m., 1784, Sarah, 
eldest dau. of Capt. John Ciiramings, of Hancock, 
N. H., and liad: 

163. i. REBECCA. 21, Nashua, N. H. 

164. ii. Polly, ni. George Hart, lived in Mt. Tabor, Vt., a 

few years and moved to Ohio. 
105. iii. JoHX, ni.; settled in Weston, Vt. ; had children. A 

166. son Lewis. He died in Weston. 

167. iv. JoxAs, iil; lived in Weston and Ludlow, Vt. ; had 

168. son Asahel, died and was biiried in W. 

169. V. RoxsA, lived and died in Weston. 

170. vi. Petek, lived in different places; had children; set- 

171. tied in State of N. Y., a son Peter living in New- 
port, N. Y. 

172. vii. Elizabeth, m. David Goodhue, settled in Kishwau- 

kee, 111. 

173. viii. NICHOLAS, b. April, 1 802, in Weston. 22, Clarendon, 


174. ix. Sarah, m. Luke Lee, had Sarah and Luke, b. in Ver- 

175. 176. niont. Settled near sister Goodhue, in Illinois. 

177. X. Relief, m. Nelson Pease in Weston. 

178. xi. Submit, m. Thomas Powell in Weston, moved to 

I79.'xii. Abigail, d. young in W. 

Mr. Lawrence was born Sept. 18, 1764; a son of 
Thomas and Sarah Bailey L., of Pepperell. He 
entered service at the age of fourteen, and when 
peace was declared in 1783, returned home and was 
married the year following. His wife died Sept. 
8, 1838; he died Feb. 6, 1858, aged 74 years 4 
months, esteemed and honored as a soldier of the 

22 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. VI. 
(7-1) FAMILY No. A'FJ//:— RICHARD, n.., June 23, 
1799, Eunice Iladlev, of ]Mt. Holly, Vt., and had: 

180. i. EuxicE, b. Feb. 5, 1800; ni. Isaac Wilcox, and had, 

181. 182. 1, Isaac A., b. Feb. lU, 1824; 2, Elvira, b. Sept. 12, 

183. 1828; 3, Charles M., b. March 20, 1831. Mrs. W. 
d. Feb. 4, 1849. 

184. ii. Ltnday, b. Jan. .5, 1802; m,, Sept. 5, 1824, Asa L. 

185. Barton, and liad, 1, Horace L., b. Jan. 13, 1825; 

186. 187. 2, Westley P., b. Aug., 1827; 3, Ralpli A. S., b. 

188. May 27, 1829; 4, Lucia E., b. Sept. 3, 1835; 5, 

189. Richard, b. Feb. 7, 1841. Residence of family, 
Ludlow, Vt. 

190. iii. ALAN SON H., b. Aug. 20, 180G. 28, Ludlow. 

191. iv. Louisa, b. Jan. 9, 1809. 

192. V. WiLLARD S, b. April 2, 1811; m., April 23, 1844, 

193. Rebecca A. Adams of Ludlow, and had, 1, Clara 

194. E., b. Oct. 12, 1847; 2, Phila A., b. Oct. 23, 1852, 
in Ludlow, residence of family. 

195. vi. RICHARD, b. June 28, 1814. 24, Mt. Holly, Vt. 

196. vii. Rhoda, b. July 4, 1816; m. Calvin Haywood. Had 

197. EffieM., b. March 13, 1863; residence L. or Weston. 

198. viii. Elvira J. P., b. Sept. 8, 1818; m., Nov. 18,1841, 

199. Nathaniel Haywood, had, 1, Edwin H. N., b. Aug. 

200. 22, 1843; 2, Harriette A., b. May 15, 1849. 

Mrs. Eunice Lawrence d. June 23, 1835. He d. Feb. 
14, 1847, aged 75 years, in Mt. Holly. He Avas son 
of Richard and Sarah Stevens L., of Mason, N. H. 
(b. Sept. 11, 1772.) 

FAMILY No. ATA:— JEREMIAH, m. Jan. 26, 1786, Phebe 
Stevens, and liad: 

201. i. WOLCOTT, b. Nov. 1, 1786. 25, Monroe, Mich. 

202. ii. John Stevens, b, March 28, 1788; m., Nov. 19, 1848. 

Family of John Lawrence. 23 

Generation No. VI. 

Ann Eliza Wilson of Philadelphia, had residence in 
city of New York, 344 Vth AA'enue (1859). 

203. iii. LUCY, h. Dec. 26, 1794. 26, Washington, Mass. 

204. iv. Jkeemiaii, b. Feb. 9, 1T98; m. Althea Calhonn in 
205-11. Monroe, Mich., went west, hud 7 children. 

212. V. Charlotte, b. Dec. 12, 1801; ni., Fek 13, 1827 

213. Joseph C. Garwood, had, 1, William, b May 12, 

214. 1828; d. Nov. 30, 1857; 2, Charlotte A., b. Sept. 

216. 28, 1830; ni. Oct. 15, 1850, Ephraim Baldwin, had 

217. children; lived in Michigan; 3, IVE.ry Ann, b. Oct. 
26, 1832; d. June 18, 1833. 

218. vi. George, b. March 8, 1803; d. April 13, 1804. 

219. vii. LoRiNG, b. Oct. 10, 1807; d. Nov. 19, 1825, in 

Monroe, Michigan. 

Jeremiah Law-rence was b. June 15, 1760, a son [)ro- 
bably by first wife of Capt. Nehemiah L., of 
Canaan, Conn. (See Fam. 102, 1869.) 

Generation No. VTI. 

(1.5B) FAMILY No. A'A'.— JOEL BAILEY, m. Catharine 
Harris, of Little Rest, Dutchess Co., N. Y., and had: 

222. i. George, m., had children m Kalamazoo Co., Mich., 

where he died. 

223. ii. Daniel, m., had children; d. in the war; sons Joel 
224-7. and William lived in Michigan. 

228. iii. Joel, b. in Ohio; m., had children; died 1874 at Berea, 

aged 51 years; a dan. ni. Lewis Dyer, lives in Rock- 
port, O. 

229. iv. OREN C, b. Feb. 7, 1823, in Fearing, O. 29, Cleve- 


230. V. SIDNEY", b. July 13, 1826, in Marrietta. 30, Berea. 
233. vi. Maria, m., had children. 

24 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. VII. 

234. vii. Asa, m., lives in Leonardtown, Md. 
235.viii. Washington- II., 1). Jan. 14, 1840, in Olmsted, O, 
31. Cleveland. 

Mr. Joel B. Lawrence in 182V settled in Olmsted, O., 
where he died in 1848, aged 58 years. 

(104) FAMILY No. .YXZ— REBECCA, m. Aaron Warner, 
and had: 

236. i. Jesse, b. in Weston, Vt. 

237. ii. LuciNDA, b. in Andover, Vt. 

238. iii. Eliza, b. in A. 

239. iv. Mart, b. in W. 

240. V. Harrison. 

241. vi. Abigail. 

242. vii. Esther A., b. in W. 

243. viii. Franklin, b. in Wallingf ord, Vt. 

The family lived also in Lowell, Mass., and Nashua, 
where Mrs. Warner died. He died in Hudson, X. H., 
residence of a daughter. 

{}r.^^^ FAMILY No. A'ATJ.— NICHOLAS, m. 1827, Olive, 
dan. of Abraham Moors of Hancock, N. H., and had: 

244. i. CHARLES ALVAII, b. Aug. 3, 1828. 32, Lawrence, 


245. ii. Lydia E., b. July 26, 1830, in Mason Village, N. H.; 

m. June 24, 1853, Charles O. Shepard, of Nashua, 

246. 247. has Nellie and Caroline, b. in N. Residence in 

Maiden, Mass. 

248. iii. ORLANDO, b. Aug. 15, 1832. 33, Lawrence, Mass. 

249. iv. Lorenzo, b. Aug. 18, 1834; d. 1849, in Clarendon, Vt. 

250. v. Horace D., b. Sept., 1836; d. 1840, Clarendon. 

251. vi. Edward D., b. 1842; d. in 1843, Clarendon. 

252. vii. Edwapp F., b. Nov., 1845, in C; m. Annie Follans- 

Family of John Lawrence. 25 

Generation No. VII. 

253. 254. bee, of Mt. Vernon, N. II., had son Edward; a dau. 
Alice, m.; and died April, 1878, in Nashua. He 
served 3 years in late war. 

Mr. Lawrence moved in 1854 from Clarendon, Vt., to 
Nashua -where his wife died. May 8, 18G1. He 
married in April, 1866, Mrs. Sarah Hovey and went 
to Londonderry, N. H. ; died there Oct. 26, 1877, 
aged 75 years. Buried in Nashua. 

(190) FAMILY m. A'AV//.— AL ANSON H., m. Emiline 
Thorp, of Sudbury, Mass., and had: 

255. i. Harriet, b. Oct. 20, 1835. 

256. ii. Henry E., b. May 2, 1837. 

257. iii. Sarah P , b. Sept. 24, 1839. 

258. iv. Emma F., 1). Jan. 24, 1842. 

259. v. Mary C, b. May 18, 1R44; d. Sept. 11, 184U. 

260. vi. Maria S., b. Sept. 17, 1848. 

261. vii. Martha, b. Jan. 17, 1850. 

262. viii. George G., b. Aug. 15, 1852. 

263. ix. Thorp A., b. Oct. 3, 1854. 

(19.-,) FAMILY No. A'^ATF.— RICHARD, m., Aug. 30, 
1840, Fanny Frost, of Mt Holly, Vt., and had: 

264. i. Laura E., b. July 26, 1842. 

265. ii. Silas H., b. Dec. 10, 1843; d. Aug. 23, 1856. 

266. iii. Sylvia, M.. b. March 8, 1846; d. Oct. 25, 1847. 

267. iv. JunsoN E., b. 1848. 

Residence of family Mt. Holly. 

C-'oo) FA3IILY No. XXF]— WOLCOTT, m., Nov. 26, 
1816, Caroline Stebbius, of Springfield, Mass., went 
to Monroe, Mich., and had: 

268. i. LUCRETIA, b. Dec. 31, 1817. 33, Michigan. 

26 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. VII. 

269. ii. Mary Ann, b. Oct. 12, 1810; d. Sept. "7, 1820. 
2V0. iii. William W., b. Oct. 21, 1820; lives in California. 
(/ 271. iv. James, b. March 21, 1821; d. Aug. 19, 1834. 

2V2. V. Caroline S., b. Dec. 19, 1823; m., Oct. 15, 1842, 
273. 2 74, George Barney, of Milan, O., had children. Resi- 
dence has been in Sandusky, O. 

275. vi, Frances E., b. Feb. 6; d. Oct. 1, 1825. 

276. vii. Edwin, b. May 1, 1827; ra., Nov. 30, 1850, Eliza Ann 

Parmlee, of Ann Arbor, Mich,, b. May 2, 1829, and 

277. 278. had, 1, Frances P., b. Sept. 8, 1851; 2, George E., 

279. b, Feb. 26, 1853; 3, William, b, Dec, 15, 1857; d. 
July, 1858. Residence of family San Francisco, 

280. viii, Henry, b. Oct. 31, 1828; has resided in Grinuell, Iowa. 

281. ix. Francis, b. Nov. 5, 1830; m. ; and has had business 

and residence in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. 

282. X, Julia D,, b. ^Nlarch 27, 1833. 

Mrs. Caroline S. Lawrence d. Aug. 20, 1834 ; lion 
Wolcott L. m., March 3, 1836, Mrs, Ophelia B. Hop- 
kins, and had: 

283. xi, James A,, b. Dec. 4, 1886; d. Sept, 22, 1838, 

284. xii. Phebe S., b, April 13, 1839, 

He d. April 29, 1843, aged 57 years. 


(•-'03) FAMILY No. XA^TT, — LUCY, m.. Mar. 8, 1815, 
William Chapel, of Washington, Berkshire Co,, 
Mass,, and had : 

285. i. Phebe Ann, b. Sept. 9, 1816; d. Nov. 27, 1832. 

286. ii. William J., b. Sept. 1, 1818; d, April 1, 1819, 

287. iii. Lucy, b. Aug, 31, 1820; m. Sept. 19, 1839, William 

288. 289. II. Boyd, lived in Monroe, Mich., had children. 

290. iv. Charlotte, b. July 5, 1824; d. Sept. 22, 1835. 

291. V. William J., b, June 27; d. Aug. 11, 1828. 

Family of John Lawrence. 27 

Generation No. VII- 
She m. 2cl, in 1830, Lewis Greeves and liad: 

292. vi. jNIartha J., b. Aug. 17, 1832; m., 1851, Philip D. 

Coffinger; d. Nov. 12, 1852. She lived in Iowa. 
Mrs. Lucy Greeves died June 10, 1834. 

FAMILY No. A'A' TXT. — JOHN WIIEP:LER, m. 1839, 
Emily Gates, of Stowe, Mass., b. July 1, 1818, and 
had : 

293. i. Sakaii E., b. Dec. 14, 1840; ra. Sept. 3, 1867, Henry 

W. Sawyer, of Stowe, has lived in Bolton, Mass. 

294. ii Samuel A., b. Mar. 13, 1842; m., July 24, 1864, Susan 

295. M. Proctor, of Carlisle, Mass., and had, 1, Eugene 

296. Burt, b. Feb. 24, 1865; 2, Bertha F., b. Mar. 15, 

297. 1866; 3, Ithaniar W., b. Sept. 9; d. Oct. 20, 1868. 

He served in tlie late war with the 53d Mass. Vols.; 
was at the capture of Port FTudson; served also in 
the 5th Mass. Vols. Residence of family, Stowe. 
The children of John W. Lawrence were born in 
Ashby, Mass. — jdace of residence and l)irth April 
19, 1818; son of Jabez and Lucy Lawrence. 

FAMILY No. XA' r/// — ALBERT, m., Dec. 3, 1829, 
Sylvia Hadley, of Mt. Holly, Vt, and had: 

298. i. Emei.ine A., b. Sept. 7, 1830. 

299. ii. Mary J., b. July 12, 1832. 

300. ill. Mauinda a., b. June 26, 1834. 

301. iv. Alhekt G., 1). Oct. 16,1836. 

302. v. Eveline A., b. July 4, 1839. 

303. vi. George, b. Aug. 9, 1841. 

304. vii. Elbridgk A., b. Feb. 9, 1844; d. June 15, 1855. 

305. viii. Ellen A., b ^Fay 1, 1847. 

306. i.Y. Almira M., b. Mar. 29, 1850. 

Mr. A. Lawrence, son of Zechariah L , Fam. No. 210, 
1869. Residence Charleston, Vt. 

28 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. VII. 
(2-^9) FAMILY No. .VAVX— OREN C, m. Jane Donald, 
and had : 

307. i. Helkn J., b. Feb. 28, 1848; m. C. B. Gardner, and has 

308. 309. sons, 1, Charles ; 2, Willie. 

310. ii. Oren H., b. Feb. 22, 1852; m. Hannah Chainnan, 

311. has dan. lilanche. 

312. iii. Samuel A., b. Sept. 22, 1854; m. Julia Gardner, has 

313. 314. dan., 1, Pearl, and son, 2, Clyde. 

315. iv. William C, b. Oct. 20, 1858; m. Emma Collier, has 

316. dau. b. Dec., 1875. 

317. V. Addie May, b. Oct. 12, 18G1. 

318. vi. Frank D., b. Dec. 1, 1864. 

319. vii. Freddie, b. Sept. 13, 1867. 

Mrs. Jane Lawrence died Feb. 6, 1868. He m., Dec. 
20, 1874, Mary J. Elbridge, and has: 

320. viii. Birdie, b. Sei)t. 19, 1871. 

Mr. Lawrence has been in business many years in 
Cleveland (west side), has sons engaged with him. 

(2»') FAMILY m. A'A^Y:— SIDN'EY, m. Dec. 24, 1850, 
Sarah Gage, of Olmsted, O., and had: 

321. i. Myron, b. Aug. 12, 1853, in O., lives in Berea, O. 

322. ii. Amy M., b. Mar. 9, 1855; ni., 1872, John Crawford, of 

323. 324. Berea, has, 1, Edith, b. Jan. 8, 1874; 2, Ida, b. 
325. Feb. 6, 1876; 3, Walter, b. Nov. 25, 1878. 

Mrs. Sarah G. LaAvrence died MayjS, 1859. He m., 
Oct. 12, 1859, Jane E. Jordon, of Rockport, O. In 
May, 1868, he moved from Olmsted to Berea, 
where he has business and residence. 

(23.5) FAMILY No. XXXI— WASHINGTON H., ra., June 
25, 1863, Han-iet E. Collister, of Cleveland, b. May 
1, 1842, and has: 

Family of John Lawrence* 29 

Generation No. VII. 

326. i. Ella D., b. July 24, 1864. 

327. ii. Clara Belle, b, Nov. 2, 1867. 

328. iii. Ida May, b. Dec. 18, 1871. 

329. iv. Edna Irene, b. Feb. 22, 1874. 

Residence of family Cleveland, East Side. 

(044) FAMILY No. A'XATZ— CHARLES A., m., July 1, 
1852, Mary F. Patterson of Merrimac, N. H., and 

330. i. Marietta, b. June 26, 1853. 

331. ii. Charles E., b. Mar. 6, 1857. 

332. iii. Clara Belle, b. Feb. 14, 1860. 

333. iv. Harry Rhees, b. Nov. 13, 1873. 

These were born in Nashua, N. H. He served in the 
late war for the Union in the 7th, Regt. N. H. 
Vols.; was promoted in rank, wounded at Peters- 
burg, made Captain, 1864; was at Fort Fisher; 
came home at close of war, and has had of late 
residence and business in Lawrence, Mass. 

(24^) FAMILY No. A'A'A'777.— ORLANDO, m., Nov. 1, 
1861, Alma Clark, of Milford, N. H., and has: 

334. i. Gertrude A. 

335. ii. Herbert M., b. in Lawrence, Mass. 

He entered the U. S. army; served 5 years, returning 
1860 to Nashua; was in First Regt. N. H., Vols., 3 
months men ; raised a company for 3 years in 7th 
N. H, Vol., and served as captain. Residence and 
business for many years in Lawrence. 

(^'!-) 7':iJIf/Zr Ao. A'A'AJF.— LUCRETIA, m., Sept. 14, 

1837, Alpheus Felch, b. in Limerick, Maine, and 

30 . Genealogy of the 

Generation No. VII. 

336. i. Caroline O., b. Oct. 22, 1838 

337. ii. Elizabeth H., b. Mar. 20, 1841. 

338. iii. Emma L., b. Mar. 21, 1843. 

339. iv. Arthur, b. Feb. 15, 1845. 

340. V. Theodore A,, b. Mar. 30, 1847. 

341. vi. Florence C, b. Jan. 9, 1852. 

342. vii. Francis L., b. Jan. 3, 1854. 

343. viii. Helen L., b. Feb. 6, 1858. 

Hon, Alpbeus Felch held at different times impor- 
tant places in life; State Senator, U. S. Senator and 
Governor of Michigan. 

( ) FAMILY No. XXA^F.— AMOS J., m., Jan. 1, 1878, 
Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel C. Burns, of Stan- 

344. stead P., Q., and has Hortense E., b. Oct. 7, 187», 
in S., place of residence. 

ALFRED T., m., June 25, 1879, Hattie, dau. of James 
Gibbs, of Abbottsford, P., Quebec. They are 
sons of Erastus Lawrence, of Lawrenceville, P., Q. 
(Fam. 392, 1869.) 


1. Mrs. Mary Cole, widow of Solomon W. Lawrence, of Dalton, d. 
June 29, 1872, aged 83 years 4 ms. 

Mary E. Lawrence, d. Feb. 7, 1 875, aged 49 years 11 ms., in Dalton. 
(Fam. 132, 1869.) 

2. Mary Fairfield Hatch, of Joliet, 111., d. May 15, 1881, in Jacksouviile, 
Florida. (Fam. 128. 1869.) 

3. Frank W. Pierce, m., June 30, 1881, May C. Lewis, of Avondale, 
Ohio ; residence Cincinnati. (Fam. 130, 1869.) 

Family of John Lawrence. 31 


I JOSIAH, m. and had children, Gad, Horace, Thomas, b. 
about 1788. Josiah lived near Syracuse, N. Y., and daus. 
Silence, Experience and Electa. He was born in Plainfield, 
Conn., July 18, 1754; lived in Dalton and Pittsfield, Mass.; 
was a deacon of the church. His mother, Mrs. Kelief L,, d. in 
179U, aged M years. He .1. in Pittsfield, April, 1844, aged 
90 years. 

II THO^rAS, m. 1841, Mary Goodrich, of New Lebanon, 
N. Y., and had, 1, Mary E., b. Aug. 8, 1842; d. 1846; 2, 
Edgar Thomas, b. Dec 8, 1848; lives and has business (and a 
home with his mother) in Pittsfield. 

III DANIEL, m.T in Dalton, Mass., Nancy Birchard, and 
had, 1, Nancy, b. Aug. 9, 1795, blind from birth; d. Aug. 29, 
1812; 2, Daniel, b. Feb. 24, 1797; m. and had children, lived 
in Pittsfield; d. April, 1854; ;?, Lorin, b. Dec. 13, 1799; d. 
1801; 4, Clarissa, b. July 29, 1802; d. 1805; 6, Asahel B., b 
Feb. 7, 1804; 6, Clarissa, b. Oct. 1, 1806; d. Oct., 1827, in 
Ohio; 7, Lorin G., b. April 16, 1808; d. 1810; 8, Thomas 
Albert, b. June 29, 1811; 9, Matthew Hyde B., b. Aug, 4, 
1813; d. Jan. 22, 1817; 10, Electa, b. Nov. 29, 1815; d. Sept., 
1817; 11, David Sawyer, b. April 15, 1818; m., had children, 
lived in Waterbury, Conn.; d. 1876, in Onondaga Co., N. Y. 
A son, David G. B., lives in W.; 12, Martha II., b. Jan. 24, 
1820, living in W. ; 13, Charles B., b. May 9, 1822; m. Sept., 
1848, Lydia Ann Johnson, of Waterbury, and resides in Dalton, 

Mrs. Nancy B. Lawrence, d. Jan. 27, 1838, aged 60 years. 

32 Genealogy of the 

Additional New Families. 

He m. May 29, 1839, Mrs. D. Bradburu, and d. July 5, 1858, 
aged 80 years and 7 ms. 

JT: THOMAS A., m., Jan. 4, 1844, Cordelia Maynard, of 
Oloney, Oswego Co., X. Y., who died Aug. 14, 1847, aged 22 
years and 7 ms. He in., Nov. 5, 1850, Sarah Otis, of Dalton, 
b. Feb. 12, 1823, and has, 1, Clara Amanda, b. May 19, 1852; 
2, Sarah 13., b. Feb. 17, 1854; 3, Martha 11., b. Dec. 31, 185G; 
d. July 4, 1863; 4, Albert Otis, b. Dec. 11, 1858; d. Aug. 17, 
1863; 5, Mary E., b. June 27, 1864; 6, Charles H., b. Dec. 2, 
1867; d. infant. 

The residence of the family Dalton, Mass. 

V. THOMAS LAWRENCE, born in PlainHeld, Conn., 
1748; died in Dalton, July 26, 1825, aged 77 years. 

Abigail, his wife, died Mar. 25, 1823, aged 78 years 10 ms. 

Abigail, a dau., died Mar. 3, 1841, aged 56 years. 

These Lawrences of Plainfield are in the line of those who 
went from Groton, Mass., 1707 and 1712, Samuel, Joseph and 
Daniel, and settled in Plainfield and Killingly, Conn. 

VI. GAllDNER LAWRENCE, m., had children in Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. ; a lawyer by profession ; a son of Willard L., of 
Mason, N. H. ; grandson of Richard and Anna (Fam. 88, 
1869). A brother Willard lived in Greenbush, N. Y. ; a 
sister, Mrs. E. Kinson, in Mason Village, N. H. A dan. m. 
James Hamilton, Esq., of Syracuse, where he, Gardner L., died 
about 1854. 

Family of Philip Goss. 33 


L JOITX, m. Sarah , bad 7 children; Joseph, buried in 

May, 1631 ; Elizabeth, d. Dec. 25, 1641. Pie came from England 
probably with Gov. AVinthrop in 1630; became a freeman May 
18, 1631, in Watertown, Mass., and d. Feb. 16, 1644. One of 
the first settlers of Watertown. '* Widow Goss m. Robert 

IL PHILIP, ni. Hannah Hopkins and had children; Philip, 
bapt. Feb., 1679, in Roxbnry, Mass. ; Hannah, bapt. March, 
1680; Mary, bapt. Aug. 22, 1680. He may have been a son of 
John and Sarah Goss, of Watertown. Date of births not given, 
nor probably names of all the children. Residence " Muddy 
River" or Roxbnry. Edward Goss, in Marblehead, 1668. 
Richard Goss, in Xcw Hampshire, 1680. 


1. PHILIP, m., iMarch, 1690, INLary, dau. of John Prescott, 
b. Feb. 20, 1609. 

2. PHILIP of L., m. Aug. 30, 1699, Judith Haywood, of 
Concord, JNIass. 

3. JOHN, had children baptized, owning the Covenant 
William and Eliza, May 13, 1716; and 1716-17, Mary; Jan, 
26, 1720, Sarah; in L. 

4. WILLIAM, ra. June 16, 1736, Lucy Heald, of Stowe. 

5. JOHN, m. May 5, 1744, Abigail Ball, of Bolton. 

0. JOSEPH and Sarah Goss had children in L. These 
families probably are in the line of descent from Philip of 
Roxbury, and John of Watertown. 

34 Genealogy of the 

Generation IV. 

vti) FAMILY No. Z— PHILIP, m., April, 1746, Hannah 
Ball, of Bolton, Mass., b. in 1727, and had: 

2. i. JOHN, b. Feb. 5, 1748-9. Settled in (2,) Ran- 

dolph, Vt. 

3. ii. HANNAH, b. Mar. 20, 175.5. 3, St. Johnsbury, Yt. 

4. iii. PHILIP, b. Oct. 17, 1757. 4, Winchester, N. H. 

5. iv. ABEL, b. Mar. 31, 1763. 5, Waterford, Vt. 

6. V. LEVI, b. about 1765. 6, Waterford. 

7. vi. Mercy, m. Elias Taylor of Hartland. Vt.; had 8 


8. vii. SARAH, b. 1769, in Winchester. 7, St. Johnsbury. 

9. viii. DAVID, b. Oct. 16, 1770, in Winchester. 8, St. 


10. ix. Nathaniel, b. in W. settled in (9,) Clareniont, N. H. 

11. X. SAMUEL, b. Sept. 1772. 10, \\ inchester. 

Philip Goss was born 1720, in Lancaster, a son of 
John or Philip; possibly grandson of Phili]) and 
Mary; ni., 1690; and brother of John -who m., May 
5, 1744, Abigail Ball, of Bolton. He removed 
before 1764, from L. to Winchester, where he died, 
April 17, 1804, in the 84th year of his age. 

" Now dcatli doUi call and I must go 
And leave you iu this world below 
And when this world I leave behind 
I hope a better world to find." 

Mrs. Hannah Goss died Aug. 18, 1811, in the 84th 
year of her age. 

" Death is a debt to nature due 
Which I have paid and so must you." 

These lines copied from their grave stones in the 
cemetery, Winchester, N. H. 

Family of Philip Goss. 35 

Generation No. IV. 

Rev. Joseph Ashley the first minister of Winchester, 
was settled in 1736. Rev. Micah Lawrence was 
ordained and installed Nov. 14, 1764. The church 
which had been dispersed by an irruption niade 
upon the place was gathered again and reorganized 
at his settlement. The articles of agreement were 
signed by Micah Lawrence, Josiah Willard and 
Philip Goss. 

Col. Wilhird had large means and intelligence and 
devoted his influence and life to the good of society. 

Philip Goss was a leading man in the town and left 
that memory of the just which is blessed. 

Generation No. V. 

(•-•) FAMIL YNo. II.— JOHN, m. Scott, of Winchester; 

and had : 

12. i. ALPHEUS, b. about 1771, settled in (11,) St. Johns- 


13. ii. Asa, b. in W. , m.; went west; had children; d. in 

14. 15. OhiO'; a dan. m. Abner Waldo, of New York. 

16. iii. John, m., lived in Randolpli, St. Johnsbury, moved 
17-22. to Cabot, Vt., and died there. Had 4 sons and 4 


23. iv. Oliver, b. in Randolph, went west; m., had children, 

24. 25. a son Oliver lived in Chicago, 111. 

26-28. V. TiBA, b. and lived in R. ; m., had children and died 

29. vi. Betsey, b. in R. ; ra. Robbins of Chelsea, Vt.; 

30. a dau. Fanny m. Waldo of Randolph, and had 

31-45. 15 children. 

46. vii. Charles, lived in New Market ; m., had children, 

47. 48. died in Morristown, Vt.; a dau. m. A. G. Sawyer, 
49. of Hyde Park, Vt. 

36 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. V. 

53. viii. Maktix, m., luul cluldrcii in K., died in St. Jolinsbnry. 

54. 55. A dau. ni. Webster and died in R. 

56. ix. Cyrus, m.; had children; two d. young; lived in 

57. 58, Bangor, Maine; died in 1867. 

59. X. Ebenezer, m. ; had children; lived in Brookfield, Vt. 

This record not so lull as might be desired, but 
correct in most if not all its statements. John Goss 
and wife died in Randolph. 

(3) FAMIL Y No. III.— IIANKAH, m. John Stearns of 
Winchester, and had: 

60. i. CLARK, b. June 23, 1786, in (12,) St. Johusbury. 

61. ii. Daniel, lived and died in Walden, V't. 

62. iii. John, lived and died in Danville, Vt. 

63. iv. Hannah. 

64. V. Susan, m. Samuel Green, Waterford, Vt. 

65. vi. Rebecca, m. Brown, Barnet, Vt. 

66. vii. Dexia, m. Lyndon Ayer, St. Johnsbury. 

67. viii. Sally, m. O. Hawkins of St. J. 

68. ix. Mercy or Mary, m. Balch of Lyndon, Vt. 

69 x. NAmJY. 

Mr. Stearns Avent about 1802 to St. J. from W., and 
settled on a farm his brother-in-law, Samuel Goss, 
had owned near what has been called " Goss Hollow;" 
and while living with his son Clark died July 12, 
1826, aged 83 years. His widow Mrs. PL Stearns 
died Aug. 25, 1827, aged 73 years. 

(-1) FAMIL Y No. IV.— PHILIP, m. Esther Gale, of Peter- 
sham, Mass., b. July 13, 1755, and had children in 

70. i. MARY, b. June 11, 1780. 13, St. Johnsbury. 

71. ii. KOAH, b. Dec. 16, 1783, 14, Montague, Mass. 

Family of Philip Goss. ' 37 

Generation No. V. 

12. iii. Clakk, b. Jan. 12, ; d. Oct. 12, 1785, in W. 

73. iv. Clarissa, b. Sept. 20, 1780; d. March 8, 1811, in 

St. Johnsbury. 

74. V. Sally, b. :\rarch 29; d. April 23, 1790, in W. 

75. vi. CLARK, b. June 1, 1791. 15, Montague and Berea, 


76. vii. DAVID, b. Aug. 11, 1793. 16, Montague and Brigh- 

ton, Ohio. 

77. viii. Rector, b. July 7, 179G; d. Aug. 11, 1816, in St. 


78. ix. PHILIP LAMPSON, b. Aug. 24, 1799. 17, Brigh- 

ton, O. 

Maj. Philip Goss went about 1819 from Winchester 
to Montague, wlierc his wife died Feb. 23, 1831, 
aged 75 years. He married widow Bardwell, of 
M., and died June 23, 1840, aged 83 years. He 
served in the war of the Reyolution; was it is said 
in the battle at White Plains under Washington. 
He held office as Major of militia; was respected and 

(■'>) FAMILY mK F:— ABEL, m., May 3, 1787, Irene 
Sprague, b. Feb. 6, 1763, and had: 

79. i. MEHITABLE, b. Feb. 2, 1788. 18, Stanstead P., Q 

80. ii. Otis, b. Feb. 11, 1790; m. Jan. 19, 1815, Olive Green, 
81-3. lived in Waterford, moved to Horicon, Wisconsin; 

84. a son lives in H. ; has children; dau. Olive ra. Rev. 
Philip Philips, feau Claire, Wis, 

85. iii. MiLO, b. in W., went to Maine, Kalamozoo, Mich., 
86-8, and California, and died there; left son Milo; 

and daughters. 
89. iv. ZEN AS, b. Feb. 4, 1792, and settled in (19,) Water- 

38 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. V. 

90. V. RICHARD, h. Mar. 29, 1V94, and settlerl in (20,) 


91. vi. IRENE, b. Aug. 16, 1798, and settled in (21,) Water- 


92. vii. ABEL, h. Sept. 25, 1800, and settled in (22,) Water- 


93. viii. CHARLES P., b. Sept. 18, 1802. (23,) Waterford. 

94. ix. Zebixa, b. July 13, 1804; m. 1833, widow Mary 

Wright, who died Aug. 13, 1858, aged 53 years. 

Abel Goss, senior, lived a few years in Hartland, Yt., 
moved Mar. 1, 1793, to Waterford, near the Con- 
necticut river, a part of the town not much settled; 
where he lived, active in labor and usefulness until 
his death, May 29, 1825, aged 62 years. His widow, 
Irene Goss, die-l Oct. 5, 1853, aged 90 year.< and 8 
months, retaining her faculties to the last, and leav- 
ing to surviving friends that "memory of the just 
which is blessed.'* 

('-) FAMILY No. FZ— LEVI, m. Lucy Sherman, and had: 

95. i. Leonard, b. in Waterford; studied medicine with 

Dr. Calvin Jewett, of St. Johnsbury; was taken sick 
and died at home, aged about 19 vears. 

96. ii. LOCKE, m. dau. of Maj. Butler, of St. J., and had 

children in (24,) Waterford. 

97. iii. LUCY SHERMAN, b. 1803. (25,) St. Johnsbury. 

He married 3d wife, widow Morse; lived in W., 
near the Passumpsic river, and died in 182 7, aged 
about 62 years. Full record not obtained. 

(~) FA3fILYKo. FZZ:— SARAH, m. Joel Roberts, of Win- 
chester, and had: 

98. i. HOLLIS, b. Nov. 11, 1787, in W. 26, St. Johns- 


Family of Philip Goss. 39 

Generation No. V. 

100. ii. Galen, m.; had children and died in St. J. 

101. iii. Sally, b. Mar. 27, 1793; m. Foster Taylor; of Hart- 

land, Yt.; d. Mar. 17, 1875, in Danville, Vt. 

102. iv. Calista, b. 1795; m. Stephen Dole, of Danville, had 
103-14. 12 children; d. 1871, in D. 

115. V. Malona, b. 1797; ni., 1819, Henry Fliwt, of St. J.; 

116. 117. had sons Horace and Truraan, 

lis. vi Rumina, ni. George Sargent, of St. J.; had children; 
119. 120. d. 1866, in St. J. 

121. vii. AuMiDA, b. 1800; ni., 1830, John Arniinoton, lived in 

Coventry, Vt. 

122. viii. HIKAM, b. July 29, 1811. 27, St. Johnsbury. 

Joel Roberts was a soldier in the Revolution; ob- 
tained distinction for service rendered and held 
the title of "General" for many years. He died 
Aug. C, 1842, aged 81 years. Mrs. Sarah Roberts 
died May 24, 1850, aged 81 years. 

(") FAMILY No. 17//.— DAVID, m. Cynthia Jiritt, of 
ChesterHeld, N. H., b. Nov. 14, 1770, and had: 

123. i. PHILir, b. Nov. 3, 1791, in Winchester. 28 


124. ii. Celia, b. Mar. 27, 1793; died in 1796. 

125. iii. DAVID, b. April 30, 1795, in (29,) St. Johnsbury. 

126. iv. Orpha, b. May 29, 1797; ni. Samuel Ayer, of St. J., 
127-32. had 6 children; d. May, 3, 1861, aged 64 years. 

133. V. Seth Willari), b. June 6, 1799; d. Sept. 26, 1818. 

134. vi. Emory, b. Dec. 23, 1806;. m. Caroline Aldrich of 

St. J.; died Jan. 17, 1854 in East St. J. 

David Goss settled in a part of St. Johnsbury, which 
has been called "Goss Hollow;" was useful and 
esteemed in all the relations of society and lived to 
a good age, dying May 9, 1861, in his 91st year. 

40 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. V. 

('<») j:iil///.r iVo. ZA^-NATIIANIP:!., m.; liad chilflren 
in Claremoiit. N. H.: 

135. i. Joel, b.; ni.; lived on tlie homestead; d. Jan., 1833. 

A son lived in Auburn, X. Y. Charles lived in 
Claremont, X. H. 

136. ii. A diwi. h. ; m. Timothy P'isher, of Burke, Vt. 

137. iii. A dau. b. ; m. Chase, of Claremont. 

138-40. He had it is said 6 children; and died in C. Have 

not been able to get full record. 

{") FAMILY JSTo. X.— SAMUEL, ra. ]^Iary Conant, and had 

in Winchester : 
141 i. MARY, b. Mar. 29, 1803; lived in ( 30,) St. Johnsbury. 

142. ii. Edward, b. Dec. 9,1805; m Fannie Randall; settled 

in Winchester; d. Mar. 27, 1^54, aged 48 years. 
His wife died Feb. 26, 1844, aged 48 years. 

143. iii. WILLARD C, b. Oct. 19, 1807 ; settled in (31,) 


144. iv. Leonard, b. Sept. 30, 1811, in W.;.d. Dec. 23, 1850, 

in St. Johnsbury. 

Samuel Goss, the only son of Philip and Hannah that 
settled in W., died Mar. 26, 1856, aged 83 years. 
Mrs. Mary C. Goss died Feb. 14, 1839, aged 68 
years. Both were highly esteemed and useful in 
life and their memory is blessed. 

Generation Ko. VT. 

(1-^) FAMILY No. XZ— ALPHEUS, m. Mary, dau. of 
Samuel Ayer, and had: 

145. i. NATHAXIEL, b. May 29, 1799. 32, St. Johnsbury. 

146. ii. Carleton, died an infant. 

147. iii. Eveline, b. 1804; m. Varnum Pierce, of Staubridge 

Family of Philip Goss. 41 

Generation No. VI. 

148. P., Quebec; had ilau. Mary; m. Byron Wright, of 
St. J.; and d. June 20, 1875. Mrs. Pierce living 
St. J. Center. 

149. iv. ]N[art, b. 181:5; m. Calvin Stone, St. J.; d. June 26, 

1844. He died June 29, 1845, aged 37 years. 

150. V. Horace, b. 1817; d. Nov. 15, 1840, in Kirby, Yt. 

151. vi. Samuel, went west; d. in Xorthfield, Minnesota, Dec. 

13, 1858, aged 54 years. 

152. vii. Ar.MiRA, m. Frederick Bugbee, of St. J. ; had 7 
153-160. children; dau. Jane A. m. Henry E. Johnson of 

161. Amherst, ]\[ass.; has oliUdren. Mrs. B. died Mar. 
18, 1862. 

162. viii. Maria, m. James H. Craig, of St. J.; died Jan. 26, 

1866, aged 61 years. 

163. ix. Sarah, d. an infant. 

Mr. Goss came to St. J. from Claremont, N. H., when 
about 21 years old. He died July 26, 1856, aged 
84 years. His wife died Mar. 15, 1851, aged 72 

(^•0) FAMILY No. ATZ— CLARK, m. Celia Hawkins, b. 
about 1790, and had : 

164. i. Harriet, b. 1811; d. Jan 28, 1862, aged 51 years. 

165. ii. Celia. 166. iii. Polly. 
167. iv. Laura. 168. v. Clarissa. 
169. vi. Betsey. 170. vii. Sally. 
171. viii. Philura. 172. ix. Aurilla. 

Daughters of whom only three were living in 1875. 
173. X. William, m. Catharine Brown, of Kirby, has had 
174-9. children, four living. 

Clark Stearns died on the homestead, his son William 
now holds, Feb. 9, 1869, aged 83 years. His wife 
Celia H. Stearns died Jan, 24, 1869, aged 71 years. 

42 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. VI. 

('") FAMILY J^o. A'///.— IklAKY, m., Feb. 22, lbU],lIub- 
Lard Lawrence, b. Mar. 7, IVTiJ, in \\ incliester, and 

180. i. LOUISA, b. Jan. 4, 1802, in St. J. ^3, Bofc-ton and 


181. ii. Claeissa Goss, b. July ;n, 1803; m., Nov. 3U, Jb30, 

Rev. Lucius Dooiittle; d. Apiil 4, 1848, in Leunox- 
ville v., Quebec. Amiable in lier disposiiion, of good 
understanding and genuine piety, a most afi'eclionate 
and devoted wile; her death, sudden and soirowlul, 
was a bereavement from Avhieh hei- husband never 
fully recovered. 


In memory of Rev. Lucius Doolittle, M. A., born at Lyudou, 
Vt., May 23, 1800; died May 22, 1862. Missionary for the 
Society for the Propogatiug of the Gospel lor thirty-four 
years, during five of which he had charge of the mission of 
the Bay of Chaleur in Gaspe, and subsequently for twelve 
years of Lenuoxville and Sherbrooke ; the remainder of his 
life he was incumbent of St. George's church, Lenuoxville. 
He was a diligent and faithful pastor, endowed with singular 
forecast and great energy of character, an untiring jiromoter 
of education, the originator of the University ol the Bishop's 
College and coadjutator of the Bishop of Quebec in its foun- 
dation at Lenuoxville. This tablet created b}^ the members 
of his congregation and other Iriends in token of their appre- 
ciation of his worth. (Copied from tablet in church.) 

182. iii. MARY ANN, b. May 29, 1805. 34, Batavia, N. Y. 

183. iv. Solomon Willaed, b. Feb. 3, 1807; d. Mar. 3, 1820. 

184. V. EDWAKD ALEXANDER, b. Oct. 7, 1807. 35, 

Mablehead, Mass. 

185. vi. Emily, b. IMay 7, 1810; m. Feb. 4, 1836, Ebeuezer 

186. Graves, of Hatfield, Mass.; has Clarissa Bliss, b. 
Feb. 23, 1837, who m., Jan. 29, 1860, George H. 

Family of Philip Goss. 43 

Generation No. VI. 
Smith, now living in South Haven, Mich.; has son 

187. Eben Frank, h. Oct. 21, 1868. E. Graves d. Feb. 
1. 1861, in Albion, Mich. Mrs. E. Graves lives in 
South Haven. 

188. vii. HUBBARD, b. May 1, 1812. 36, Norwalk, O. 

189. viii. .TOnX, b. May 21, 1814. 37, St. Johnsbury. 

190. ix. William Goss, b. Aug. 3, 1816; d. April 19, 1817. 

Dea. Hubbard Lawrence wont about 1800 from Win- 
chester to >t. Johnsbury; was son of Rev. Micah 
and Eunice Willard L., of W. Had good sense and 
judgment, was kind and friendly in manners, tender 
and constant as a husband, attentive and faithful 
as a parent, a good neighbor, active and useful in 
society and did much for its improvement. Pie took 
part in the organization <>f the first church in town, 
of wliich he was chosen a deacon with Mr. Stowell, 
who long survived him When the old burial 
ground was broken u[i his remains were removed 
to lot No. 61 in the cemetery. This lot was trans- 
ferred by deed, given May 28, 1857, to the "heirs 
of Dea. H. Lawrence;" a copy of deed held by the 
one who gave it 

John xi, 25. 
Deac. Hubbard Lawrence, 

an affectionate Husband 

a faithful Father 

an exemplary Christian 

and Officer of the Church and a 

valuable Member of Society 

died Sept. 20, 1816. 

Aged 48 years 

leaving a Widow and 9 children. 

Think mortals what it is to die. 

44 Genealogy op the 

Generation No. VI. 

("') FAMILY No. A'JF:— NOAH, m. Mary Wliitman, of 
191. 192. Westminister, Mass., had two children d. young. 
His wife d. Feb. 12, 1813, in Lyndon, Vt. He m. 
2d, Anna Eagar, of Warwick, ^Fass., and liad: 
193 iii. Mary An^s^, b. Nov. 5, 1815, in IMontague; m., Aj)ril 
19, 1835, Daniel Wilder, M.D., b. in Keene, N. II., 
a ph5^sician many years in New Bedford; lived 
some time in Montague, where an adopted dau. m., 
April, 1874, Charles Hazelton, lives in 31., has 
children. Dr. W. has of late moved to New Bed- 

194. iv. Clarissa E., b. June 15, 181V; d. Oct., 1849. 

195. V. Rector, b. 1819; d. infant. 

196. vi. Charlotte, b. June 22, 1820; m., Nov. 18, 1840, 

197. Ephraim Rugg, of Lancaster, has, 1, Mary P]., b. A2)ril 
28, 1843; m., 1866, Chailes H. Lawton, of New 

198. Bedford; 2, Frank W., b. Sept. 17, 1848; m., Dec. 
16, 1879, Alice A. Farnsworth, of Deerfield; lives 
in Montague, with father. 

199. vii. Rector L., b. Dec. 13, 1824; m. June, 1859, Hattie 

200. E. Goss; had Fred Marshall, b. July 20, 1860, in 
Montague. He was extensively engaged in busi- 
ness, and actively iisef ul up to the time of his death, 
Dec. 31, 1875. His widow has home in Melrose. 

201. viii. David W., b. July 13, 1825; m., June 4, 1849, Harriet 

202. B. Eagar, had, 1, Hattie, b. Mar. 24, 1853; m. Nov. 

203. 4, 1874, LeanderL. Bartlett, of Montague; 2, Frank 
E. b. Nov. 6, 1859; lives in M. David W. Goss died 
Oct. 23, 1880, in M. 

Mrs. Anna Eagar Goss d. Sept. 2, 1825, aged 33 years, 
Noah Goss first engaffed in business and had store in 
Lyndon, Vt. After the death of his wife he re- 
turned to Winchester, and went to jNIontague, where 

Family of Philip Goss. 45 

Generation No. VI. 

the Gosses aud Alexanders of W. had bought land 
for a settlement. He m. 3d, Mrs. Lucy Whitney, of 
New Salem, Mass., and 4th, Abigail French, of Fitch- 
burg. He died Mar. 6, 1862, in Montague, where 
atone time lived his father and two brothers, he 
only remaining on the homestead. Mrs. A. F. Goss 
d. Mar. 23, 1874, aged 80. 

{'■^) FAMILY No. AT.— C'LAKK, m., Oct., 1821, Hart 
Coit, of Norwich, oNIass., b. April 17, 1798, and had: 

204. i. Mary C, b. Aug. 4, 1822; m., Feb. 4, 1840, Ithamar 

205. Tilden, of Berea, O., and had, 1, Charlotte, d. in- 

206. fant; 2, Alma H., b. April 26, 1844; m., June 18, 
1865, Cliarles H. Williams, of Cleveland, O., and 

207. has Albertie, b. Ai)ri] 29, 1860; place of residence 

208. in C; 3, Edward R., b. June 1, 1847; d. Sept. 15, 
1858; 4, Mary G., b. Mar. 22, 1860, has lived in 
Rootstown, ().; where she m., Dec. 22, 1880, James 
B. Christopher, of Jamestown, O. Mrs. Mary 
Tilden, d. Ai)ril 5, 1860, in B. Her husband d. 
Dec. 12, 1875, in Cleveland. 

209. ii. George H., b. Nov. 28, 1823; d. 1848, in Tarapico, 


Mi's. Hart Goss d. Dec. 4, 1823, in Montague. He m., 
Oct., 1824, Frances Tinker, b. April 17, 1803, and 

210. iii, Cordelia H., b. July 14, 1825; m., Feb. 29, 1844, 

211. Ashbel Buttolph, of Elyria, O., and had, 1, Mary F., 
b. May 16, 1846; d. Mar. 22, 1859, in Berea; 2, 

212. Charles E., b. Feb. 13, 1854, a member of Mount 

213. Union College; 3, William H., b. Feb. 13, 1860, a 
member of Mount Union College and teacher. Mr. 
Buttolph d. Aug. 7, 1876, in Rootstown,. the place 
of residence of the family since his death. 

46 Genealogy of the 

Genekation No. VI. 

214. iv. Esther M., b, Sept. 23, 1827; m., Sept. 4, 1849, in B., 

215. Francis H. Chapman, of Rootstown; has dau., Allie 
Frances, b. Mar. 30, 1856, in R,, place of residence. 

216. V. Frances Jane, b. Dec. 6, 1829; m., Feb. 14, 1856, 

217. Oscar S. Pease; had, 1, Frank C, b. Oct. 10, 1857 
in Berea; m., Sept. 1877, Ella Christophf^r, of James- 

218. town; and has son Oscai*, b. 1878, in J. Present 
residence of F. C. Pearse is Chilicothe, O.; is an 

219-220. engineer; 2, Eddie, b. 1858, d. 1859; 3, a son, d.; 

221-222. 4, twins, b. 1865, d. Jan. 1866; a child b. 1867, d. 
Residence of O. S. Pease, for a few years in Xenia, 
O.; has of late been in "Wayne, Mich. 

223. vi. Elizabeth, b. July 10, 1832; m., Oct., 1854, Albert 

224. Cole, of Cleveland, had, 1, Annie, b. Aug., 1856; d. 

225. April, 1860; 2, Albert, b. July, 1859; d. April, 
1860. Her husband, an engineer, was killed Aj)ril 

• 10, 1861; she m., April 5, 1864, Thomas Carlin, of 

226. Cleveland, and had, 3, Mary A., b. Jan. 9, 1865; 4, 

227. George, b. Mar. 11, 1867; 5, Elizabeth, b. June, 
25, 1870. Mrs. Carlin d. May 11, 1879, in Centralia, 
111., where he d. Dec. 17, of same year, about 60 
years old. 

The children of Clark Goss, now given, were born in 
Montague. In Nov., 1833, he moved to Berea, and 
had : 

228. vii. Charlotte, b. Mar. 7, 1835; d. Nov. 3, 1842. 

229. viii. GuRDON Coit, b. Dec. 19, 1837; has business, resi- 

dence in Cincinnati, Burnet House. 

230. ix. Warren H., b. April 3, 1840; m. Sept. 18, 1862, 

231. Kate E. Shane, of Cleveland; has, 1, Cora ElUi, b. 

232. Feb. 17, 1865, in C; 2, Gertrude Emma, b. Sept. 
17, 1877. He is an engineer with residence in C. 

233. X. Juliette, b. June 3, 1842; d. Mar. 14, 1855, in B. 

Family of Philip Goss. 47 

Generation No. VI. 

234.' xi. Louisa H., b. Jan. 30, 1845; in., Oct. 25, 1871, Jesse 
235. G. Walton, of Cleveland; has Minnie L , b. Jixly 

31, 1874, in C. Residence of late in Rootstown, O, 
23C. xii. Albert C, b. Sept. 26, 1847; d. Sept. 1848, in B. 

Clark Goss, left Winchester for Montague in 1819; 
moved from Berea, in 1856, to Rootstown, where 
he died, Feb. 3, 1879, aged about 88 years. Though 
during the last years of life, feeble in health, his 
interest in the family continued, and so long as 
able to hold and read the " Bibk," it was his com- 
fort and support. Mrs. Goss is still able to enjoy 
life with her children and grand-children, who love 
her and w ill miss very much, when she dies, her 
smiles and favors, her pious counsels and prayers. 

(■") FAMILY No. A' FZ— DAVID, m., 1832, Aurelia, dau. 
of Samuel Porter, of Dummerston, Vt., and had: 

237. i. EDWARD :MArRICE, b. Nov. 30, 1835. 38, 


238. ii. Edmund Gale, b. 1837; d. Jan. 20, 1855. 

239. iii. Otis Fletcher, b. April 23, 1838; m., Sept. 26,1876, 

Mary Sinclair, of Clarksfield, O., b. in 1850. He 
has residence in Brighton, doing business as health 
and strength allow, and his duty in all the relations 
of society. 

240. iv. Julia Serexa, b. July 6, 1842; m., Oct. 1, 1866, Joel 

E. Field. Residence Danville, 111. 

241. v. Ellen Aurelia, b. Oct. 18, 1845; m., Oct. 1, 1871, 

242. John J. Lawrence, of Brighton, has Mabel Louise 

243. and Linville Gos.s, d. 1878, aged 11 months. Resi- 
dence St. Marys, O. 

David Goss lived in Montague; moved to Ohio; lived 
many years in Brighton, where he died Aug. 6, 

48 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. VI. 

1871, aged 78 years. He was amiable and upright, 
led an exemplary life and shared fully the esteem 
of friends and the public. Mrs. Aurelia P. Goss 
died Oct. 17, 1874, aged 70 years. 


26, 1823, Serena S. Porter, of Dummerstou, Vt., b. 
June 8, 1802, and had: 

244. i. CHARLES PORTER, b. Jan. 25, 1825. 39, Ober- 

liu, O. 

245. ii. SOPHIA JANE, b. Jan. 14, 1835. 40, Wellington, O. 

246. iii. Eliza M., b. Sept. 13, 1842; d. May 26, 1850. 

247. iv. Mary A., b. May 9, 1844; d. Feb. 4, 1851. 

248. V. Sarah A., b. June 26, 1846; m., Oct. 31, 1866, Charles 

249. H. Beach, b. Dec. 10, 1841 ; has, 1, Lottie S., b. Feb. 

250. 26, 1869; 2, Jennie S., b. June 9, 1877. Mr. Beach 
has business and residence in Wellington. 

Dea. Philip L. Goss lived and had business a few years 
in South Amherst, Mass., where he became a chris- 
tian and with his wife made j)rof ession of faith in 
Christ. He left Amherst in 1831, moved to Ohio, 
living in BrecksA^illc, and in 1 836 settled in Brighton, 
Lorain Co., where he did much good aiding in the 
organization of a church; was chosen deacon and 
labored diligently for its growth and the prosperity 
of the town while strength and life were his; in all 
things serving Christ to the glory of God. He died 
in Wellington, Jan. 13, 1878, aged 79 years. Mrs. 
Serena S. Goss lives in W.; has comfort in her 
home and kindred, and with peace and good hope 
in Christ patiently waits the call to follow departed 
friends to the rest of God's people and bliss of 

Family of Philip Goss. 49 

Generation No. VI. 

('«) FA:\IILY No. .YTT/J. — MEIIITABLE, m. Samuel 
Knight, 1). Dec, 1783, in Athol, Mass., and had: 

251. i. LOUISA, b. May 29, 1811. 41, Stanstead. 

252. ii. CHARLES S., b. Sept. 23, 1813. 42, Stanstead. 

253. iii. ALBERT, b. Feb. 12, 1817. 43, Stanstead. 

254. iv. EMILY, b. :May 8, 1819. 44, Stanstead. 

255. V. JosKiMi, b. May 24, 1821; m. Emeline Morse; had 

256. 25 7. Emily and Susan ; d. in Newbury, Indiana. He d. 

1873, in Stanstead P., Quebec. 

258. vi. SA3IUEL, b. May 8, 1825. 45, Stanstead. 

259. vii. Irkxk, b. Mar. 27, 1827; m., Oct., 1869, Daniel Colby 

of Barnston. 

260. viii. Bexjamin F., b. Sept. 22, 1833; m. Charlotte Oilman; 
261-263. had Lydia, Irene and Sarah; lived on the old Gil- 
man farm in Stanstead. 

Capt. S. Knight left Waterford in 1823 and settled on 
lot No. 9, 13th Range, in Stanstead. His wife died 
Sept. 16, 1863, aged 75 years. He died Dec. 5, 
same year, aged 80 years. 

(-") FAMILY No. XIX.— TMyiA^, m., July 5, 1815, Mary 
Hovey, and had: 

265. i. Mary, m. Mark Rutter, of CTlover, Vt.; had child, d. 

266. infant; she died about 1841, aged 27 years. 

His wife died Mar. 30, 1816. Hem., July 5, 1817, 
Abigail Ilolbrook, and had: 

267. ii. William H., b. 1818; m., about 1846, Laura, dau. of 

Zenas Cobb, of Morgan, Yt., and d. Mar. 28, 1848. 

268. iii. Amaxda M., b. April 17, 1821; d. Nov. 25, 1839. 

269. iv. IRENE, b. May 26, 1824. 46, Cambridge, Mass, 

270. V. ALLEX C, b. Nov. 14, 1825. 47, Melrose, Mass. 

271. vi. CURTIS C, b. July, 11, 1829. 48, Melrose. 

272. vii. Zkxas, b. Oct. 11, 1832, fitted for college at the Acad- 

emy in St. Johnsbury, graduated at Dartmouth, 

66 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. VI. 
1856, and closed course of study at Andover, 1859, 
He became a Christian in 1S51; decided on mission 
work 1857, and was ordained in Waterford, Vt., 
Jan. H, 1860; sailed from Boston 13th same 
month. He located first at Aintab, then at Oorfa, 
and Adana, July 12, 1804, he began work at Marash, 
a field of great importance and promise, but died 
after a short illness, Aug. 28, 1864. His course as 
a student was attended with success. His spirit 
and life as a Christian secured confidence and 
esteem. His labors both before and after active 
entrance upon mission work were greatly blessed. 
He loved the service and early passed away to his 
crown and reward, 

Zenas Goss, senior, d. Mar 5, 1852, aged 60 years. 
His widow Abigail H, Goss, died Mar, 6, 1872, aged 
74 years, in Waterford, Vt., place of residence of 

Q'^^) FAMILY No. .YA". — RICHARD, m., June, 1817, 
Betsey Buck, of Waterford, and had: 

273. i. AzKO Ashley, b. 1817; m. Adelphia Cook, and settled 

274. in Lunenburg, Vt.; had son Azro S,,b. 1852. He d, 
Sept. 19, and his wife Dec, 5, 1809, in Barnet. Vt, 

275. ii. RICHARD O., b. Jan. 1, 1810. 49, Waterford, 

276. iii, Horace S,, b, Aug. 1, 1820; m. Jane Swan, of Haver- 

277. hill, N, H.; had, 1, William S., b. Aug 23, 1857; 

278. 2, Emma G., b, July, 1859, Residence in Peace, 
Rice Co,, Kansas. 

279. iv, LEVI, b. June 10, 1822, 50, St, Johnsbury. 

280. v, Silas Buck, b. April 20, 1824; m. Hannah Abbott, 

281. 282. in Boston; had children; moved to Gallion, Ohio, 

283, vi. Lyman B., b. July 7, 1826; went west and to Califor- 


284, vii. ABEL BROWN, b. Oct. 24, 1828, 51, Waterford, 

285, viii. REUBEN C, b. Jan, 1, 1831; m. Sarah Henry; went 

Family of Philip Goss. 5i 

Generation No. VI. 

286. 287. west; had children; resides in Peace, Rice Co., 

288. ix. George W., b. Mur. ]2, 1S33; m. Mrs. Martha H. 

289. (Owen) Acher, in Stnithville, Chxy Co., Missouri; 
has George W., b. Dec, 1861. 

290. X. ChxVkles, b. May 10, 1835; d. Au<j. 28, 1844. 

291. xi. Betsev Jane, b, Aug. 25, 1837; ni. James Ranch in 

Vinlen, 111., who d. in California. His wit low a 
teacher in Virden. 

292. xii. Laura Ann, b. Nov. 19, 1839; m. Samuel Lowrey 

293. in Sangamon, 111.; had one child which died. 

:\Irs. B. Goss died Nov. 22, 1850, in Littleton, N. H. 
lie m. 2d, Mrs. Eliza (Wells) Luce, of Barnet ; 
lived in Waterford (1875), in the 82d year of his age, 
was the first child born in that part of the town. 
Mrs. Eliza Goss d. Aug., 1880. 

(" ) FAMILY No. XA"/.— IRENE, m., Oct. 4, 1820, Ralph 
l^ugbee, M.D., of Ashford, Conn., and had : 

294. i. RALPH, b. Dec. 21, 1821. 52, Littleton, N. H. 

295. ii. Abel G., b. Jan. 24, 1824; studied medicine; attended 

lectures at Woodstock and Castleton, Vt.; m., Sept. 
7, 1852, Mind well Ann Carter, of Waterford; went 
first to Wells River, Vt.. next to Derby Line, where 
his wife died Sept. 1, 1871, aged 37 years. He has 
still his residence at Derby Line, Vt. 

296. iii. Lafayette, b. Oct. 2, 1830; d. April 21, 1838, in W. 

297. iv. Susan B., b. Oct. 14, 1832; m., Feb. 16, 1862, Enoch 

Blanchard, M.D , of Lyndon, Vt. ; graduate of 
Dartmouth College with degree M.D. ; lived in 
Lyndon; went into the service during late war; had 

298-301. four children ; Irene and Jenette living ; resides in 
Minonk, 111. 

302. V. Frank, b. Sept. 18, 1836; studied with his father; 
took degree at Hanover, N. H. ; went to Glover, Vt. ; 

52 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. VI. 

m., Mar. 4, 1863, Maria Towne, of Lancaster, N. H. ; 

303. had, Hattie Maria, b. 1865, in Lancaster, place of 
residence; d. July, 1880. His wife d. a week after 
and he d. in Sept. same year. 

304. vi. Lafayette, b. Nov. 21, 1844; studied with his father; 

a graduate of Dartmouth College and College of 
Physicians and Surgeons, New York ; went to 
Willimantic, Conn.; m., April 6, 1871, Frances M. 

305. 306, Brown, of Mansfield; has two children; 1, Alroy 

Lafayette, b. Aug. 28, 1872 ; 2, LTberto Minnie, b. 
Oct. 8, 1874; d. Feb. 8, 1879. Residence Boston, 
Dr. lialph Bugbee, of W,, was born in Ashford, 
Conn., in 1705, a son of Amos Bugbee, b. Nov. 1749, 
a great grandson of Josiah B., b. in Roxbury, Mass., 
Nov. 12, 1684, a descendant from EdAvard B., b. in 
England, about 1594. He attended lectures in New 
Haven; came to Waterford 1816; m. and settled 
there; has aided in l)ringing his sons into sucessful 
practice in a profession which has taken the time 
and strength of his life. Though now, 1875, in his 
80th year, he has comfoitable health and enjoyment 
of society, his children, friends and home. He d. 
in March 1881. 

(^'2) FAMILY No. XXIL— ABEL, m., Jan. 25, 1824, 

Amanda Hebard, b. Oct. 8, 1799, in Lebanon, 

N. H., and had in Waterford: 

307. i. Aaron H., b. 1824; m. Elvira West, of St. Johns- 

308-15. bury; while living there, had eight children, four 

316. living; a son Arthur lives at home in Oshkosh, 

317. Wis.; has Martha and Mary; is a machinist. 

318. ii. LuciTTA C, b. May 18, 1827; m. about 1851, Cyrus 
319 Hoit; lived in Lyndon and Danville, now in Barnet; 
320. a dau. Jennie, d. 1865, aged six years; Preston, 

a son living. 

Family of Philip Goss. 53 

Generation No. VI. 

321. iii. HEXRY MAIITyX, b.Mar.1,1829. 53, Waterford. 

322. iv. NoRMAX Story, 1). Fcl). 7, 1831; studied medicine 

Avith Drs. Bancroft and NewoU, St. Johnsbmy; ra- 
and lives in Clielsea, Vt. 

323. V. Amaxda M., b. Nov. 4, 1832; ni. Jerome Barker, of 

324. Concord, Vt., who d. in Colorado; a cliild d. in- 

325. fant. Slie m. •_'<!, Samuel M. Breth; had a son 
Edward, b. in Ne<lerland, Colorado. 

326. vi. AiJKL, b. Feb. 19, 18:^5; d. in 1838. 

327. vii. Harriet K, b. April 28, 1837; d. April -Id, 1838. 

328. viii. Ai5Ki,. b. Nov. 10, 1830; m., 1807, Maria Seeley; has 
320-30. children, Waldo and llattie; lives in Nederland, 


331. ix. Oliver T., b. Oct. 20, 1841; d. Aiif?. 12, 1842. 

Mrs. Amanda TT. (toss, died Mar. 5, 1800* aged 07 
years. Capt. Abel Goss survives with prolonged 
life and usefulness (1875). He has been actively 
engaged in labors for the good of the town, a 
liberal sn[)porter of the religious institutions of the 
place, enjoying largely the esteem of the public. 
He died Sept., 1880. 

(«') FAMILY No. A' A'///.— CHARLES P., m., June 14, 
1827, Miranda H. Miles, of St. J., and had: 

332. i. Victoria M., b. Jan. 11, 1841; a teacher for many 

vears in the Phillijjs school, Boston. 

333. ii. Mary Ellen, b. Sept. 2 7, 1840; ra., Mar. 3, 1870, 

334. J. W. Remick, of Littleton ; has Cora Ellen, b. 
Jan. 2, 1871. 

335. iii. Eva Maria, b. Jan. 7, 1849; has lived in Cambridge, 

336-37. Residence of family Waterford; other children d. 
infants. He died in 1807. 

(««) FAMILY No. XAVF.— LOCKE, m. , dan. of Maj. 

Butler, of St. J., and had: 

54 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. YI. 

338. i. George, m. Mary Lathrop; has sons Locke and George 
339-343 and daughters Chattie, Katie and Mary; lives in 

Phmo, Kendall Co., 111. 
344. ii. Levi, in. Fedelia Woods; has sons George and Willie, 
345-347. and dau. Gertrude; lives in south-west part of W. 
348. iii. Francis, in. Celia Woods, of Baniot, has Harry, 
349-351. Charles and Florence. 

352. iv. Mauv, d. young. 

353. v. Lucy, d. 1S58, about 28 years old. 

Locke Goss died very suddenly about 1852 in Water- 

FAMILY No. A'A'T:— LUCYS., m., Feb. 23, 1822, Zalraon 
Wheaton, St. Johnsbury, and had: 

354. i. Tirzaii, b. May 10, 1827; m., Feb. 23, 1872, Oraniel 

Russell, of St. J. (East). 
356. ii. iii. Leonard and Levi, twins, b. April 29, 1833. Leonard 
m., Sept. 15, 185(j, Meribah Parker (?) and livee in 
St. J. Levi ra., Sept., 1863, Abby Winn, of Dan- 

358. ville; has two children; lives on homestead in St. J. 

359. iv. Lucy Sherman, b. June 3, 1837; m.,' June 1, 1867, 

John Lebourveau, formerly of Eaton P., Quebec. 
Residence St. Johnsbury Center. 

{^') FA3IILY No. AAF/.— HOLLIS, m., Oct. 16, 1817, 
Polly Shaw, of Sutton, Vt., and had : 

360. i. Horatio Nelsox, b. Kov. 16, 1818; m. Mary Chaffee, 

361. of Lyndon, and had, 1, Viola, m. James Gilden. 
Mrs Mary C. Roberts d. Mai-. 15, 1851. He m., in 

362. 1852, Adaline Baldwin, of Sutton, and had, 2, 
Julius v., d. infant; 3, Willie Arthur; 4, Myrtie; 
5, Belle; 6, Anna Mabel. Residence St. Johnsbury, 
near the Center. 

Mr. Hollis Roberts died Sept. 11, 1856, aged 60 years. 

Family of Philip Goss. 55 

Generation No. VL 
('•-•■-') FAMILY No. XXV^.— \llRA^,\, m., Nov. 6, 1832, 

Mary Willey, b. July 26, 1810, in Waterford, and 

.363. i. LuMAN, b. Aug. 1, 1835; m., Aug. 17, 1858, Neppie 

Savage, while living in Millersburg, Kentucky, 

where he died April 3, I860. 
364. ii. AisKi. W., b. Oct. 23, 1839; ni., Nov. 27, 1867, Sarah 

Jane Currier, of St. J.; lived on the Plain. 
365 iii. Aemipa A., b. Aug. 29, 1841 ; in., Feb. 12, 1860, 

366. Edwin F. Dean ; had Clarence Elmer, b. Sept., 
1861, in St. J. 

367. iv. Mabia D., b. ]Mar. 25, 1844, d. Nov. 6, 1863, in St. J., 

where Mrs. Hiram Roberts still resides, 1875. 

(^•^^0 FAMILY No. XXVni.— V{\UA\\ m., Oct. 24, 1815, 
Dianthe, dan. of Thomas Pierce, of St. J., b. July 
24, 1707, and had : 

368. i. Celia, b. Dec. 25, 1816; ni., Aug. 28, 1843, William 

369. 370. Dickinson, of St. J., had children; lived in Jersey 

city, N. J. 

371. ii. Mary Ann, b. INFay 20, 1819; m., July 18, 1843, 

372. 373. George Ide, of Lyndon; had two children ; lived 

in L. 
874. iii. HORACE C, b. Dec. 26, 1826. 54, Wheelock, Vt. 

Mrs. Dianthe Goss died Mar. 31, 1829, aged 32 years. 
He m., Nov. 16, 1829, Martha H. Kimball, b. Aug., 
1800, in Haverhill, N. H., with residence in Lyndon. 
Philip Goss had good judgment for business; held 
the confidence of the people and became late in life 
an intelligent and useful christian. He enjoyed 
at the age of 80 years comfortable health, 1875 ; 
has died since that date. 

('«) FAMILY X XIX.— T>AYlD,m.,A\\g. 17, 1819, Esther 
dau, of Maj. Butler, of St. J., and had: 

56 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. VI. 
31 ih i. Butler, b. Xov. Jo, 1821; living in Battle Creek, 

375 ii. Harris, b. Feb. 2Gth, d. April 4, 1825. 

376 iii. Trumax, b. Jan. 18, 1820; d. Nov. 6, 1840, aged 23 

377. iv. WiLLARi), b. Xov. 15, 1848; m. 1871; has Truman, 
378-380. b. 1872; Willard, b. Mar. 11, 1873, and George, b. 

March 12, 1875. He lives on the farm cleared by 

his grandfather in St. J. 

381. v. Almira, b. June 2, 1831; d. June 6, 1850, aged 18 


382. vi. Xormax David, b. Aug. 4, 1835; m. Ruby Miller, of 
383-384. Barnet: has children, a son, David, has been doinjr 

business for the Fairbanks Scale Co., in places in. 
this country and Europe. 

385. vii. HiRAii, b. July 26, 1837; m.. May, 1862, Clarissa 

386. 387. Be'den, of East Burke, Vt. ; has children; lives in 

New York, doing busiuess for E. & T. Fairbanks 
& Co. 

388. viii. Esther, b. April 5, 1840; d. Dec. 25, 1861, aged 21 


Mrs. Esther B. Goss, died July 3, 1854, aged 53 years. 
He m., Dec, 1855, Mrs. Celia (Houghton) Hall, of 
Burke, who died April 18, 1861, aged 54 years.' 
In 1862, he m. Mrs. Chloe Harvey, who died in 
December of same year, aged 54 years. His pre- 
sent wife, whom he m. Nov. 17, 1863, Avas Huldah 
Mason, widow of William Lawrence, of St. J. He 
has his home still on the farm owned by his father 
in Goss Hollow; enjoying comfortable health in his 
80th )ear, 1875. 

e^i) I^AMIZ^' A-o. XA^A:— M,\RV, m., Feb. 22, 1826, 
Gardner AVheeler, of St. J., and had: 

389. i. Horace Homer, b. Oct. 19, 1832; ra., Oct. 1, 1857, 

Family of Philip Goss. 67 

Generation No. VI. 
390. 391. Alalona P. Ilurlbutt, of Waterfonl, has, 1, George 

392. G., 1). July 28, 1858; 2, Clara M., h. July 16, 1864; 
3, May Belle, b. Nov. 14, 1865. 

393. ii. Lucy Maria, l>. Jan. 13, 1837; m., June 6, 1859, 

394. Samuel G. Norri.s, of St. J., had, 1, Ida Maria, b. 

395. July 21, 1862; 2, Ilattie May, b. Dec. 9, 1866; d. Sept. 

396. 12, 1868; 3, Mary Adeline, b. Feb. 12. 1844; m., 
April 11, 1874, Alonzo A. Miles, of St. J. 

3Irs. .Alary Wheeler, «laughter of Samuel Goss who 
first settled in St. J., but sold out to his brother-in- 
law Stearns ar.d returned to Winchester, N. H. 

('^') FAMILY No. A'A'X/.— WILLARD C, m., 1830, 
Mary White, and had: 

397. i. David. W. b. Aiuil i;], 1836; d. Jan. 18, 1849. 

398. ii. Makv A., b. April s, 1h:{s; d. Feb. 14, 1849. 

399. iii. IIauuikt W., b. June 6, 1840; d. Sept. 10, 1842. 
iv. Lkonakd E., b. April 20, 1S42. 

V. Harriet H., b. April 12, 1S46; d. Doe. 25, 1848. 

vi. Lorenzo W., b. Sept., 11, 1847. 

Mrs. Mary W. Goss died Feb. 14, 1849, aged 42 years. 
He m., in June, 1850, Roxana Bardwell, and has 
residence in Winchester, the old home of the Goss 
family, and of Rev. Mieah Lawrence. 

Geneeatiox No. VH. 

(N5) FAjMILY m. A'JCXII. — ^ ATI! AmEL, m., Dec. 3, 
1825, Dorcas Maria Goodwin, of Lyndon, and had: 

400. i. Electa Maria, b. Nov. 1, 1826; m., Dec, 1846, 

401. Solomon Humphrey, of St. J.; has son Edward G., 
b. July 8, 1855, who has studied in the Academy, 
St. J., and in college at Hanover. 

402. ii. LiTRANA Angeline, b. 1831; m., Dec. 4, 1850, Edgar 

403. Fuller, of Danville; has Etta Maria, b. Aug. 20, 

58 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. VII. 

1866; he carries on the homestead where Mr. aud 
Mrs. Goss reside in comfortable health, near St. J. 

('"") FAMILY No. XA'X/TZ — LOUISA, m., May 4, 1827 
Zelotes Hosnier, of Boston, b. in St. J., and had: 

404. i. Samuel Dana, b. July 26, 1 829, graduated at Harvard 
College, 1850, Andover Seminary, 1854, ordained 
in 1>'56, was minister in Najitucket Avhere he m,, 
has two children. Residence in Hyde Park, Mass. 

408.ii.iii. James and Mary, twins, b. Aug. 15, 1832, in Boston; 
James m., Dec. 14, 1859, Frances J. Kittridge, of 

409. Hinsdale, Mass.; had, INIary K., b. 1864; d. 1867; 

410. and Harriet L., b. 1867; d. 1868. Residence Hin.s- 
dale, where also Mary Hosmer has had a home. 

411. iv. Henry Zelotes, b. Aug. 11, 1834; d. (Avas drowned) 

July 18, 1867, in Beloit, Wis.; a graduate of Har- 
vard University, 1856; went west 1859, served a 
short time in the late war; " a consistent christian, 
devoted son, warm and genial friend, he left a good 
home and a memory pleasant to cherish." 

Zelotes Hosmer died suddenly Nov. 11, 1866, in Hins- 
dale, aged 67 years; Avas son of Charles and Lydia 
Hosmer, of St. Johnsbury, and born in Woodstock, 
Conn, (see further Fam. 271, 1869). Mrs. Louisa 
H. died July 2, 1871, aged 69 years, in Hinsdale. 
(Mrs. Louisa Hosmer) the eldest child, early shared 
in the cares and dxities of the family. The first 
to marry, her home became a center of interest 
and comfort to kindred and friends. Love to her 
mother held true and warm till death. Tii her own 
house she was constant in care, faithful in nurture, 
and by example illustrated her teaching. Her 
piety was intelligent and sound, while her prayer- 
fulness gave a consistency to life beyond what is 

Family of Philip Goss. 69 

Generation No. VII. 

coramon among christians. The love and kindness 
of cliildren during the months of failing strength 
both prolonged and made life conifortable and in 
death she was at rest. 

(' -•) FAMILY No. A'A'A'/F.— MARY ANN, m., June 

I, 1831, Ashley P. Graves, of Hatfield, Mass., and 


412. i. PiiiNEAS P., h. Nov. 15, 1832; m., April, 1864, Helen 

41:^415. Gates, has, 1, Mary E., b. Jan. '-W, 1870; 2, Edna 

41G. L., b. xVug. 1, 1873; 3, Freddie A., b. Oct. 18, 1876; 

4, Laura, b. Oct. 6, 1879; d. Mar. 27, 1881, in Little 

Valley, McPherson Co., Kansas, residence of 


417. ii. Maky p., b. Sept. 1, 1834, was a teacher; m., Dec. 15, 

1870, l>illings Rogers, of Albion, ^lich., where she 
d. Ai)ril 6, 1872. 

418. iii. Edward L., b. .Iiine 20, 1838; m, June 20, 1861, 

419. Mary E. Cleaveland and had, Emily Luella, b. Dec. 

27, 1862. His wife died Nov. 23, 1870. He m., 

420. June, 1871, Cornelia Cleaveland and has Mary L., 
b. Aug. 9, 1876. Residence of E. L. Graves, Dun- 
dee, Mich. 

421. iv. Lucy, b. Aug. 16, 1840; m., Jan. 21, 1869, J.Newton 

422. Green, of Batavia, and has Martha L., b. Sept. 

28, 1877. 

Their children were born in Hatfield and Springfield, 
Mass. Ashley P. Graves died July 25, 1872, in 
Batavia, N. Y. Mrs. Graves survives with health 
and strength for the duties and enjoyment of life; 
many years she spent in teaching and with great 
usefulness; before her marriage she attended school 
in Concord and Peacham, Vt., and in Montreal, 

60 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. VII. 

('^4) FAMILY No. A'X.YF.— EDWARD A., m., May 20, 

1839, Margaret O, Woods, of Andover, Mass., and 

423. i. Margaret L., b. July 18, 1842; m., July 18, 1868, 

424. Orestes M. Pray, M.D.; had Florence, b. April 15, 
1869. Dr. Pray died (was killed April 23, 1869 
on the Long Island Railroad, 1869. See Fam. 
No. 273.) 

425. ii. Caroline M., b. Nov. 14, 1844, in Andover; d. Sept. 

II, 1848, in Marblehead, Mass. 

426. iii. Edward A., b, Jan. 16, 184V; graduated Yale College, 

1868; studied at Princeton, N. J.; in Germany; now 
pastor of Cong, church in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

427. iv. Anna Dana, b. Jan, 16, 1854, 

E. A. Lawrence, D.D., graduated Dartmouth college, 
1834; Andover Seminary, 1838; has been pastor in 
Haverhill and Mai-l>lehead where of late he has 
resided. (See Fam. No. 273, 1869.) 

(}>^) FAMILY No. XXXVI.— IIUBBABJ), m,. Sept, 28, 
1841, ^ Naa Sawyer of Cambridge, and had in 
Ohio. \ 

428. i. Martha E., \ept. 11, 1842; a graduate and for 

many years a v Vted and successful teacher of the 
Lake Erie Female Seminary in Painesville, Ohio, 
but has recently gone to Constantinople, Turkey. 

429. ii. Mary C, b. Sept. 22, 1844; d. P'eb, 14, 1851. 

430. iii. Hubbard, b. May 20, 1846; m,, Oct, 30, 1867, Alice, 

dau. of Dea. George Lawrence, of Bronson, O., and 

431. 432, has sops Edward S., and Irving H., in B. 

433, iv, John James, b. May 29, 1848; m„ Oct, 1, 1871, Ellen 
A. Goss of Brighton; has children; residence in 
St. Marys, O, 

Hubbard Lawrence entered college, Hanover, N, H,, 
1831, graduated Marietta and Lane Seminary, Ohio; 

Family of Philip Goss. 61 

Genekation No. VII. 

has been actively engaged in the labors of the. 
gospel ministry until of late. Residence (P. O. 
address), Norwalk, O. 

of John Lawrence, died Jan. 6, 1 871, in Reading, 
Mass. Her sickness of a few days by pneumonia 
terminated unexpectedly and suddenly to all. For 
nearly sixteen years she had held the relations and 
performed the duties of a wife and mother; with the 
good health so uniformly enjoyed, the event of death 
had never been anticipated and was the more dis- 
tressing to her bereaved husband. Her love and 
trust as a wife were all that could be desired. Her 
tenilercare and nurture of children were the outflow 
of a heart happy in the relation .iiid delighted with 
the joys and duties of a mother. To natural sweet- 
ness of disposition were added the comeliness of per- 
sonal accomplishments, of education and graces of a 
true christian, so that she excelled in all good qualities 
and her home was a sanctuary and delight. But 
the record of her life and vii'tues cannot be written. 
They who knew her well said she was too good for 
this world, so unselfish and generous, doing for 
others all she could. Then too so pure in heart 
and life so spiritual and devout, living as she 
prayed as if each day might be the last. The smile 
^ resting on her face, as she sweetly fell asleep in 

death, was proof to what regions of light and bliss 
her spirit had gone. She was buried and a dear 
child in lot No. 61 in tiie cemetery, St. Johnsbury, 
bought in 1854 for the graves of a father and mother 
and the son who secured the same. 

The children of John and Nancy T. Lawrence : 
434. i, Mary T., b. June 8, 1856, in Carlisle, Middlesex Co., 

62 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. VII. 
Mass., graduated Lake Erie Seminary, 1876; m., 
Oct. 29, 1879, Willis W. Fay, Esq., of Elyria, O., 
and has Floyd W., b. July 12; d. Sept. 5, 1880. 

435. ii. JoHx, b. Feb. 8; d. Nov. 29, 1858, in Carlisle, Mass. 

436. iii. Clarissa D., b. Oct. 14, 1859, in Salem, N. H.; gradu- 

ated Lake Erie Seminary, 1879; now a missionary 
teacher of the Am. Board in Manisa near Smynia, 
in Turkey. 

437. iv. JoHX, b. May 2 7, 1862, in Wilmington, Mass. 

438. V. Ophelia G., b. Xov. 8, 1864, in Wilton, Maine, 

439. vi. AxxiE, b. July 2, 1866, in W. 

440. vii. Caleb, b. April 25, 1868, in W. 

441. viii. HENRY ZELOTES LAWRENCE, b. Mar. 28, 1870, 

in Reading, Mass. This dear son had in the autumn 
of 1871 a severe sickness by whooping cough and 
pneumonia, which for a time seemed incurable; but 
by the blessing of God he recovered and has been all 
the dearer to the family, holding a place in his 
father's heart from which only death can remove 
him. Last place of residence and home of the 
family St. Johnsbury, Yt. (See gen. 1876, Fam. 
No. 35.) 

(«') FAMILY No. XXXVIII— EDWARD M., m., Dec. 
8, 1856, Josephine M. Judd, of Brighton, and has: 

442. i. Nettie A.,b. Feb 24, 1857; m., Oct. 11, 18T8, Floyd 

Twining, of Brighton, now residing in Henrietta, O. 

443. ii. Herbert Steele, b. May 11, 1863. 

444. iii. Mat Blanche, b. Sept. 11, 1866. 

445. iv. Lexsey E., b. Aug. 4, 1871; d. Jan. 22, 1872. 

Mr. Goss is actively engaged in business in Brighton, 
doing much for the prosperity of the town. 

C^J^) FAMILY No. A'A^YJA:— CHARLES P., m., May 
17, 1849, Abigail P. Johnson, of Dover, O., b. Aug., 
1824, and has: 

I^AMiLY OF Philip Goss. 63 

Generation No. VII. 

446. i. Alick, h. July IV, 1852; d. Jan. 25, 1854. 

447. ii. Charles, b. Dec. 17, 1854; doing business in Oberliu. 

448. iii. Agnes C, b. Jan. 13, 1860; member of college in 


The residence of the family for some time in Brigh- 
ton, has been of late in Oberlin Avith opportunity 
both for business and usefulness to the public and 
cause of Christ. 

(245), FAMILY Ko. A^Z.— SOPHIA JANE, m., Jan. 11, 
1853, James Rust, M.D., b. Nov. 10, 1824; in West- 
moreland, Oneida Co., N. Y., and has: 

449. i. Frank Clarence, b. July 16, 1854; d. March 23, 


450. ii. Edwin Goss, b. Oct. 1, 1857; a graduate of Medical 

College, Cleveland, vrhere he has business and resi- 

451. iii. Arthur Beach, b. Feb. 19, 1862. 

452. iv. George Porter, b. Jan. 21, 1864. 

453. V. Carl IIammonp, b. June 16, 1870. 

454. vi. James Hoavarp, b. May 31, 1875. 

Dr. Rust graduated at the Homoeopathic College in 
Cleveland; has residence in Wellington, O., where 
many yeai's he has been successful in his profession, 
useful and respected in Society. 

(•-'^'') FA31ILY No. AV.Z— LOUISA, m., 1829, John E. 
Bangs, M.D., of Stanstead P., Q., and had in S. : 

455. i. Frederick, m.; lived in Boston. 

456. ii. Betsey A., m.\ lives in Lawrence, Kansas. 

457. iii. Walter, ni.; lives in Lawrence, Kansas. 

458. iv. Nelson, lives in Lawrence. 

459. V. Emily, m. ; lives in Worcester, Mass. 

460. vi. Albert, m.; lives in Lawrence, Kansas. 
460 J. vii. Sidney, d. 

64 Genealogy of the 

Genkration No. VII. 

461. viii. Cynthia, m.; lives in Lawrence, Kansas. 

462. ix. Lafayette, m.; lives in Lawrence, Kansas. 

463. X. Addie, lives in Lawrence, K., Avherc Mrs. Louisa 

Knight Bangs died. 

(•252) FAMIL YNo. XLIL— CHARLES S., ra. Xov. 15, 1837, 
Sally Rose Bachelder, of Stanstead, and had: 

464. i. Orcelca, b. July 2, 1838; m., Dec. 3, 1863, Horace 

465. 466. Libby, of S., has two children. 

46V ii. Charles S., b. Nov. 13, 1845; m., July, 1865, Clem- 
468. 470. entine Aldrich, of Barnston, who died Sept. 15, 1874, 
leaving three children. 

Charles S. Knight, senior, died Aug. 2, 1849, in New 
bury, Indiana. 

1839, Julia Ann, dau. of Timothy Rose of Stan- 
stead, and had: 

471. i. Albert, b. Feb. 22, 1840; d. Jan. 7, 1852. 

472. ii. Julia M., b. April 21, 1844; m. Henry Marshall, has 

473. Julia Rose, b. Jan. 12, 1871, in S. 

474. iii. Lelia O., b. May 26, 1848; m., Sept. 4, 1869, Samuel 

475. O. Shorey, has son, b. Aug. 22, 1870, and dau. 

476. Laura P., b. April 28, 1872. 

477. iv. WiNFiELD S., b. April 30, 1851, d. Jan. 30, 1874. 

478. V. Lewis Rose, b. June 12, 1852; d. July 17, 1853. 

479. vi. Clarexce A., b. Oct. 3, 1855; m., iu 1879, a lady 

in Morrisville, Vt. ; resides in M. 

480. vii. Florence, b. Aug. 20, 1859. 

Mr. Knight went into business early in life; settled on 
Stanstead Plain, built a house on the Plain for resi- 
dence, was connected with railroads and the banks 
for the Eastern Townships. In 1861, was elected 
a member of Parliament but with failing health has 
withdrawn the last few years from business. 

Family of Philip^Goss. <jo 

Generation No. VII. 
(•■^5J) FAMILY No. A'i/K— EMILY, m., Jan. 3, 1843, 

James McCaw, of Stanstead, and has: 
481 i. Samuel K., b. Ajiril 16, 1846; m. Emma Robinson, 

482. of Newbury, Vt. ; has one child ; lives in Port Perry, 
Ontario Co., Ontario. 

483. ii. Charles H., b. Mar. 12, 1849. 

484. iii. AViLLiAM H., b. May 6, 1851. 

485. iv. ExMiLY L., b. Oct. 12, 1860. 
488. V. Frank, b. Jan. 10, 1862. 
48V. vi. Ikexe Goss, b. May 5, 1865. 

Residence of the family Reach, Ontario. 

(-'•'-) FAMILY Xo. AV. T:— SAMUEL KNIGIIT, m. Julia 

Ann McGaffey, of Lyndon, Vt., and has: 
488. i. George, b. July 30, 1847; m. Sarah Dean in Nashua, 
489-492. N. IL, has four children in Sherbrooke. 

493. ii. William, b. July 5, 1S49 ; m., Jan., 1871, Lucy 

494. Brown, of Stanstead; has 1 child; lives at Smith's 
IVIills in Stanstead. 

495. iii. JosKi'ir, b. Oct. 17, ISol; m. Lois Brown, of Holland, 

496. Vt. ; lias one child; lives in Waterloo P., Q. 

497. iv. Emma, b. April 29, 1S53; m., Feb. 20, 1873, Guy 

498. Brown, of Holland ; has one child. Residence 

499. V. Rosalia, b. Aug. 17, 1855; m., Dec. 22, 1874, Everett 

Wlieeler, of Grot(m, N. H., place of residence. 

500. vi. Infant, b. Mar. 7; d. June 7, 1859. 

501. vii. Mehitable, b. June 16, 1860. 

502. viii. Albert H., b. Nov. 27, 1862; d. Ai)ril 7, 1864. 

Mr. Knight has lived many years on "Rock Island," 
Stanstead, doing service in the Customs Depart- 
ment, for which loss of health nearly disqualified 
and in 1879 left little hopes of recovery. 

(269) FAMILY No. XiFZ— IRENE SPRAGUE, m., Jan. 

66 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. VII. 
31, 1855, William Henry Iliddeii, b. in Tamworth, 
N. H., and has: 

503. i. Helen Fkances, b. Nov. 6, 1855, in Cambridge, Mass. 

504. ii. Mary Belle, b. June 9, 1858. 

505. iii. William Henry, b. May 20, 1863; entered Harvard 

College, 1881. 

506. iv. Flora Etta, b. Nov. 21, 1864, 

Mr. Hidden carries on business in Boston with resi- 
dence in Ca)nl)ridge (Port) near Prospect St. church. 

(•-''") FA3IILY No. .VZrJZ— ALLEN C, m., Aug. 19, 

1851, Fannie E. Stebbins, of Lancaster, N. H., and 

507. i. Florence M., b. Sept. 10, 1857, in Sherbrooke P., Q., 

m., Nov. 26, 1878, Alonzo G. Whitman, of Melrose, 
608. ii. Ma7!el L., b. Se])t. 28, 1862, in Melrose. 

Mr. Goss has for manv vears carried on business in 
Boston having his residence in Melrose. 

(-■') FAMILY No. A^ZFTZZ— CURTIS C, m., Dec. 25, 

1856, Augusta M. Kelsey, of Wheelock, Vt., and 

509. i. Harvey K., b. July 9, 1858, in Waterford; d. Aug. 

15, 1804, in Melrose. 

510. ii. Eleraine Augusta, b. June 12, 1861; d. at T^nion, 

N. H., Oct. 7, 1863. 

511. iii. Gertrude M., b. Mar. 31, 1866, in Meliose. 

512. iv. Willis C, b. June 8, 1870, in M. 

Mrs. Augusta M. Goss died Jan. 5, 1870. Dea. C. C. 
Goss has had residence in Melrose many years, 
while doing business in Boston. 

(^7:) FAMILY No. XLIX.— RICHARD O., m.. Mar. 1, 

1852, Mrs. Betsey (Holbrook) Joslin, of Waterford, 
and had: 

Family of Philip Goss. 67 

Generation No. VII. 

513. i. Mary Elizabeth, h. Feb. 4, 1854. 

514. ii. Charles Henry, b. June 1, 1857. • 

515. iii. Elmer Ellsworth, b. Oct. lo, 1861. 

Mr. Goss died July 1, 1874, very suddenly of heart 
disease while at work shingling his barn, aged 55 
years 6 months. Residence Waterford. 

(■-''») FAMILY No. Z.— LEVI, m., Dec. 4, 1845, Martha 
Chase, of Concord, Vt., b. Feb. 11, 1825, and had 
in C: 

516. i. Edward, b. April 23, 1847; ni. Annis Morey of Iras- 

517. 518. burg, Vt.; has two children living near Quebec. 

519. ii. Truman E., h. July 1, 1848, living in P. Quebec. 

520. iii. HoLLis II., b. Nov. 24, 1849; m. Emma Smith; one 

child lives in Orange, Mass. 

522. iv. Angeline II., b. June 18, 1852; lives at home. 

523. V. Adelbert, b. April 9, 1854; lives in Durham, N. II. 

524. vi. .Jesse, b. Mar. 19, 1857. 

525. vii. Minerva H., b. June 3, 1859. 
526.viii. Winfield Scott, b. April 12, 1861. 

527. ix. Francis M., b. Mar. 20, 1863. 

528. X. Ulysses G., b. Mar. 13, 1865. 

Their cliildren were born in Concord, llesidence of 
family has been in Littleton, N. H., and of late in 
St. Johnsbury. 

(•^^') FA31ILY Xo. ZZ— ABEL B., m., Oct. 1, 1856, Lucy 
Stoddard, dau. of Royal Ross, of Waterford, and 

529. i. Irvine, b. Dec. 4, 1857. 

530. ii. Harlan Page, b. Dec. 3, 1861. 

531. iii. Eliza Mason, b. Oct. 17, 1863. 

532. iv. Edward Raymond, b. Jan. 3, 1868. 

533. V. Ethel Abby, b. April 17, 1872. 

68 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. VII. 
534. vi. Mary Lucv, h. Aug. 23, 1874. 

Residence of family Waterford. 

(294) FAMILY No. LIL— RALPH BUGBEE, m., Aug. 18, 
1846, Phebe Jane Tift, of Littleton, N. H., who 
died iu Waterford. He m., Nov. 8, 1847, Mary 
Parker, of Concord, Yt., and had: 

535 i. George R., b. 1848; studied medicine; is a physician 
in Whitefield, K H. 

Dr. B. m., May 14, 1856, Jenette C. Batchellor, of 
Bethlehem, N H., and has: 

536. ii. Mary, b. Sept. 12, 1860, in Littleton, 

He studied with his father in W. ; attended lectures 
at Woodstock, Castleton, Vt., has been successful and 
useful in his profession. Residence Littleton, N, H. 

(321) FAMILY No. LIII— UE:^RY M., m., Jan. 3, 1856, 
Hannah Baker Carpenter, of Monroe, Ohio, b. Mar. 
27, 1830, and has: 

537. i. Carrie M., b. Sept. 27, 1856, in W. 

538. ii. Hattie G., b. Mar. 4, 1859; d. Aug. 29, 1867. 

539. iii. Helen H, b. Mar. 16, 1861. 

540. iv. Henry Irvine, b. Dec. 25, 1866. 

541. V. Hannah Genevieve, b. Nov. 23, 1869. 

Henry Martyn Goss lives on the old farm cleared and 
settled by his grandfather, Capt. Abel Goss. His 
father has a })leasant home with him, enjoying 
greatly the society and love of his grandchildren, 

O'l) FA3IILY No. X/F:— HORACE C, m., April 10, 
1849, Louisa M. Hicks, of Lyndon, and had: 

542. i. Eleanor D., b. Mar. 11, 18d0; ni., Mar. 11, 1867, 

John H. Daniels, of Lyndon; d. June 26, 1868. 

Family of Philip Goss. 60 

Generation No. VII. 

543. ii. William D., b. Dec. 24, 1852. 

544. iii. Pmi.iP H., b Sept. 21, 1854. 

545. iv. George E., b. Mar. 10, 1856. 

546. V. Leverett D., b. Nov. 18, 1858. 

547. vi. Martha, b. July 31, 1859. 

548. vii. Samuel F., b. Sept. 30, 1860. 

549. viii. Mary L., b. July 21, 1862. 

Mrs. L. H. Goss died April 26, 1864, aged 31 years, 
in Wheelock, Vt. He ni., Sept. 1, 1864, Calista M 
Sanderson, of Lyndon, and had: 

550. ix. Charles H., b. July 29, 1865. 

551. X. Daniel S., b. Nov. 6, 1866; d. Aug. 25, 1868. 

552. xi. Henry M., b. Nov. 3, 1868. 

553. xii. GoRnoN D., b. May 5, 1870. 

554. xiii. Celia Jane, b. May 22, 1872. 

555. xiv. Clara, b. April 24, 1874. 

He died in W., July 11, 1875, aged 48 years. 

70 Genealogy of the 


The first settled in tlie country. 

FA3IILYN0. Z-ELTWEED m., had children, 1, Mary, 
d. 1040 ; 2, John,d. 1647 ; 3, Eldad, b. in Dorchester, Mass., d. 
May 22, 16G2, unmarried ; 4, Medad, b. (baptized) Aug., 1638, 
in Windsor, Conn. (Northampton) ; 5, Caleb, b Mar. 6, 1642, 
in AV. ; settled in Northampton ; 6, Mary b. April, 1644 ; 7, 
Joshua, b. Nov. 22, 1646, lived in Northampton ; 8, Joseph, 
b. June 20, 1652. 

Ills wife dird in 1655. He m. 2d, widow Lydia Parsons; 
no children. Eltweed Pomroy, it is stated, came, 1630, in the 
ship John and M;iry from Devonshire, England ; settled in 
Dorchester; was a fi'eeman Mar., 1633 ; went, 1636-7, to 
Windsor, Conn.; and in 1672 from W. to Northampton, where 
he died, 1673. He was a man of good rank and traced his de- 
scent from Sir Raljjh de Pomroy, a Knight of William the 
Conqueror, witli whom he came to England and fought in the 
battle of Hastings, Oct. 14, 1066, and is justly regarded as 
ancestor of the Pomroys of New England. 

Generation No. H. 

FAMILY No. iZ— MEDAD, m., Nov. 13, 1661, Experi- 
ence, dau. of Henry Woodward, of Nortliampton, and had, 1, 
John, b. Aug. 24, 1662; d.; 2, Joseph, b. Dec. 24, 1664; d. ; 3, 
Mehitable, b. July 3, 1666; 4, Ebenezer, b. May 30, 1669; 5, 
Joseph, b, June 26, 1672; had son Rev. Benjamin of Yale college, 
1733, and of Hibron, Conn.; 6, Medad, b. June 19, 1674; d. 
July 10, 1674; 7, Eliakim, b. Aug. 10, 1675; 8, Mindwell, b. 
July, 1677; 9, Thankful, b. May 31, 1679; 10, Mary, b. Feb. 
15, 1683; m., Jan. 2, 1703, Samuel Denton; 11, John, b. May 
10, 1686. 

PoMKOY Families. 71 

Genebation No. II. 

Ilis wife died the same year, when he married Abigail (Strong) 
Chauncy, widow of Rev. Nathan C, and had, 12, Samuel, b. 
Sept. 16, 1687. She died in 1704. Tie marned in 1705, widow 
Hannah Noble, of Westfield, and died in 1716, aged 78 years 
and some months; was buried in the old cemetery, the stone 
still standinor on his i^rave. 

Medad T*omroy was about twi'Uty-one wlien he came to 
Northam])ton, had good health, a good trade, blacksmitli, and a 
very small outfit. In Dec., 1604, the town voted to "Medad 
Pumry the tools they had of John AW-bb as long as he lives 
in town." It is stated that his house and shop stood near the 
ground once called Colonade How and tlie Curtis Tavern. 
He was chosen deacon in H175, had ability for business and 
rendered service to the public and tlic church of Christ in many 
ways. "A man of strong religious jirinciplc, one of the pillars 
of the church." 

FAMILY No. ///.— CALEli, m., Mar. s, l(j05, Hep.sibah 
Baker, and had, 1 llepsibah, b. 1G66, in Windsor ; m., Jan. 25, 
1703, Walter Lee ; 2, Samuki., b. May, 1669, in Northampton ; 
3, Abigail, b. Oct, 1671 ; 4, Kbenezer, b. Mar. 19, 1674 ; 5, 
Caleb, b. :May 3, 1677 ; 6 Eldad, b. Dec. 6, 1670 ; 7, Hannah, 
b. July 4, 1682 ; 8, Mercy, b. Sept. 20, 1684 ; 9, Sarah, b. Aug., 
1687 ; m., Dec. 12, 1721, Noah Wright, as supposed. 

He became a freeman in 1671, and died Nov. 1691. 

FAMILY No. 7r.— JO.^IirA,m., Aug 21, 1672, Elizabeth, 
dau. of Richard Lyman, of Northampton, and had, 1, John, b. 
May 2, 1674 ; d. '74 ; 2, Joshua, b. Sept. 21, 1615. 

He m., Jan. 'J, 1676, Abigail Cook, had, 3, Nathaniel, b. Mar. 
9, 1680. In 1683, moved to Deerfield, had, 4, Lydia, b. Mar. 
3, 1684. He died in 1689 

FAMILY No. K— JOSEPH, m., June 20, 1677, Hannah 
Lyman, of Northampton, and had, 1, Joseph ; 2, Hannah ; 3, 
Hannah ; 4, Elizabeth ; 5, Abigail ; 6, Medad, b. Nov. 4, 1686; 

72 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. II. 

7, John, b. 1688 ; 8, Hannah, b. Nov. 9, 1694 ; 9, Medad, b. 
July 18, 1696. 

He became a freeman 1680 ; settled it is said in Colchester, 

Generatio.v Xo. in. 

FAMILY No. FZ— EBENEZER, m., Mar. 4, 1690, Han- 
nah Stronor. He m. 2d, Sarah , and had, 1, Sarah, b. Nov. 

22, 1693 ; 2, JoH>f, b. April, 1695 ; 3, Ebenezer, b. Sept. 18, 
1697 ; 4, Sarah, b. Feb. 5, 1700 ; m.. May 22, 1733, Thomas 
Porter, as supposed ; 5, Seth, b. May 20, 1706 ; 6, Daniel, b. 
Mar. 2 7, 1709 ; 7, Thankful, b. July 15, 1712. 

Daniel m., as is supposed, May 21, 1733, Mary Clapp, had 
sons, Daniel, I'liny and William, Avho was a clothier. Of the 
homestead, Maj. Daniel had the large mansion. Lieut. Daniel 
Pomroy was killed in battle at Lake George 1755. 

It is stated that, 1715, Hon. Ebenezer Pomroy bought three 
and a half acres of land near his, on the north, of John Rust. 
He built his house, known as the "Red Tavern," near the site 
of the late " Mansion House." He divided his real estate in 
1734, between his sons John, Seth and Daniel, John had a 
house, shop and four acres of home lot, the house and shop of his 
grandfather Medad. Seth had the house he lived in, the smith's 
shop, tools, barn and three acres of land. Daniel had five 
.acres and the " Mansion House " Hon. E. Pomroy died in 

Generation No. IV. 

FAMILY No. FZ/:— JOHN, m.. May 29, 1718, Rachel, 
dau, of Thomas Sheldon, and had, 1, John, b. Sept. 21, 1719, 
"was a captain"; 2, Elisha, b. Jan. 29, 1720; in., Nov. 22, 
1743, Mary Searle, had, 1, ^lary, b. Mar. 25, 1746, 2, Elisha 
b. Oct. 19,_ 1748; he d. Jan. 27, 1762, may have had other 

PoMROY Families. 73 

Generation No. IV. 

children; 3, Racbel, b. 1722; ni. Newell; 4, Simeon b., 

May 3, 1726; d.; 5, Oliver, b. 1720; 6, Eunice b. 1734; m. 
James Easton, lived in Litchfield, Conn.; 7, Titus, b. 1736, 
lived in South Iladley, Mi^ss. 

FAMILY No. TT/Z— EBENEZER, m., April 6, 1722, 
Elizabeth Hunt, and had, Ebenezer, b. May 1, 1723; Elizabeth, 
b. Jan. 26, 1726-7; Stephen, b. July 13, 1732; Herman, b. 
June 2 7, 1734; Ethan, b. Jan. 22, 1735-6. 

rAMILYNo. /A'.— SETII, m., Dec. 14, 1732, Mary Hunt, 
and had, 1, Seth, b. Sept. 26, 1733; 2, Quartus E., b. May 14, 
1735; 3, Martha, b. Aug. 12, 1740; 4, Mary, b. Aug, 16, 1741; 
5, Asahel, b. Dec. 1, 1740. 

Col. Seth Pomroy owned lots on both sides of "Pudding 
Lane " Hawley street, and for many years carried on business 
with the power the little brook afforded, but living at the old 
home near the meeting house. This he gave to his son Asahel. 
A tavern known as the Warner House was built on some part 
of the lot. His wife, Mary Pomroy, died Sept. 11, 1777, aged 
72 years. 

FAMILY No. A'. — SAMUEL, m. Elizabeth and had, 
Caleb, b. Aug. 14, 1693; Elizabeth, b. Sept. 30, J 604; d. Oct. 
8, 1714; Caleb, b. Dec. 11, 1696; Ebenezer, b. May 3, 1701; d. 
Aug. 9, 1709; Noah, b. Oct. 13, 1719; Elizabeth, b. Feb. 25, 
1722; Simeon, b. June 5, 1725; m., 1747, Abigail Smith; settled 
in Amherst; had children; d. 1812, aged 87 years. 

FAMILY No. XZ— ELDAD, m., Dec. 20, 1705, Sarah 
Wait, and had, Sarah, b. Oct. 25, 170P; Llannah, b. Feb 4, 
1709; Eldad, b. Dec. 31, 1711; Ebenezer, b. Nov. 10, 1715; 
Joseph, b. Nov. 19, 1721. He went about 1732 to Easthampton 
and settled near the place where John M. Clapp lived. 

Generation No. V. 

FAMILY No. XZZ— QUARTUS E., m., Phebe, dau. of 
Benjamin Sheldon, b. in 1735, and had, 1, Frances, b. in 1763; 

74 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. V. 

d. unmarried; 2, Thadeus, h 1764; m , Sedgwick, lived 

in Stockbridge, Mass.; had 1, Egbert; 2, Watson, went to 

St. Louis, next to California; 3, Pannelia, m. Byington, 

of Stockbridge; 4, Eliza, ra. Parker, of New York; 5, 

George; 6, Susan; V, Thadeus, went to California; 8, Cliarles, 
went to California; 9, Mary, d. unmarried; 3, Phebe, b. 1766; 

m. John Talmage; 4, Martha, b. 1768; m. Whittelsey; 

d. 1827; he d. 1825; 5, Julia, b. 1770; d. 1773. 

Quartus Poraroy, son of Col. Seth, of Northampton, who by 
will, 1777, gave "his bick iron his great-grandfather made 105 
years ago " to Quartus he being the fourth >)lacksmith in the 

FAMILY No. X//7.— BENJAMIN, m., Nov. 21, 1770, 
Esther Clarke, of Northampton, b. Nov. 24, 1748, and had, 1, 
Samuel, b. Oct. 2, 1771 ; m.. Amy Curtis ; settled first at Derby 
Line, Vt.; had 6 children ; lived and died in Montreal, L. C; 
2, Ldyia, b. Aug. 11, 1773 ; m. Elnathan Graves; lived and 
died in Williamsburg, Mass., had 7 children, Mrs. Williston 
of Easthampton, E Graves of Williamsburg, still living ; 3, 
Selah, b, Oct. 7, 1775, Stanstead, L. C. ; 4, Josiah, b, Jan. 5, 
1778 ; m. Ruth Thayer, lived and had children in Hinsdale* 
Mass.; 5, Esther, b. June 27, 1781; ra. Gains Searle, of South- 
ampton; 6, Lucy, b. May 19, 1783 ; m,. Mar. 10, 1802, Phineas 
Graves, of Hatfield, Mass., had son Ashley P. and dau. Lucy> 
b. 1814, m., 1838, Daniel Morse, M. D., of Peru, Ohio, where 
she died June, 1839 ; Phineas Graves, d. in 1815 ; she m., 
1842, Israel Searle, of Southampton ; 7, William, b. July 24 
1785 ; m. Rachel Edwards, lived in Williamsburg, had 4 
children ; 8, Mary, b. Sept. 4, 1787 ; m. Moses Montague, of 
Sunderland, Mass., had 4 children. 

Benjamin Pomroy a son of Josiah and Lydia Pomroy of 
Northampton, and born Mar. 16, 1747, died in Williamsburg 
Oct. 20, 1834, aged 87 years. 

" Christ is the resurrection and the life." 

PoMKOY Families. 75 

Generation No. V. 

Mrs. Esther Pomroy died Jan. 12, 1827. 
"My flesh shall rest in hope." 

Generation No. VI. 

FA 3111. Y m. AVF.— SELAII, m., 1705, Hannah Thayer 
of Williamsburg, and had, 1, IIazen, b. April 20, 1796, in 
Brookfield, Vt.; 2, Quartus, b. Feb. 20, 1798, in Brookfield, 
Vt. ; 3, Benjamin, b. Dec. 28, 1800, in Stanstead ; 4, Cordelia, 
b. Jan. 2 7, 1S()4, in Stanstead. 

He lived a short time in Brookfield and removed to Stanstead 
and was one of the first settlers in the place. Ilis wife died in 
1821. Hem., Jan. 14, 1823, Mrs. Mary (Goss) Lawrence, of 
St. Johnsbury. \'t., who died Ajiril 17, 183 7, in Stanstead. 

Mrs. ]\[ary Pomroy was the daughter of Mnj. Phili]) Goss, of 
Winchester, N. II., and at the time of her marriage to Esq. 
Pomroy, widow of Dea. Hubbard Lawrence of St. Johnsbury, 
Vt. To speak of her as a woman and friend, as a wife and 
mother and christian to those who knew her in tliose relations 
would l)e needless ; many of her friends and kindred indeed 
have died ; yet it may be truly said that her personal qualities 
and appearance were not more agreeable and estimable thr*,n 
were the virtues of character, the intelligence and graces of 
her daily life. But it is as a mother she was best known and 
is most revered by him who here acknowledges her as the joy 
of his childhood and strength of youth. Her love, counsels 
and prayers, her example and holy life are still the joy of his 
heart, by whom this record is made for the sake of children and 
kindred. Her burial at first in Stanstead, in 185 7 she was 
buried in lot No. 61 of the cemetery in St, Johnsbury. 

Selah Pomroy, Esq., m., in 1839, Mrs. Harriet II. Buck, of 
Montreal. He died Dec. 23, 1856, aged 81 years. 

Selah Pomroy, Esq. was intelligent and capable in business 
and his means for doing good had fair increase. His prudence 
and good judgment secured the confidence of the public. He was 
long agent for lands in the vicinity, active and respected as 

76 Genealogy of the 

Generation No. VI. 

a magistrate for the administration of justice and the peace of 
society. After becoming a christian his usefulness increased 
and with the means for doing good enjoyed, few men have been 
more consistent or' more worthy of esteem — exemplary and 
faithful as a deacon and member of the Church of Christ so 
long as life and strength were (tontinued. Mrs. Ilan'iet B, 
Pomroy survives, has lived in Stanstead or with other friends 
with health for enjoyment of life and doing good. 

Generation VII. 

FAMILY No. .YF:— HAZEN, m, Oct. 26, 1819, Lois 
Mansur, of Stanstead, b. Sept. 1, 1799, and had, 1, Nancy, b. 
July 31, 1 520; m., 1847, in Syracuse, N. Y., Horace Wells, Esq., 
residence Irving Park, near Chicago, III. ; 2, George, b. June 
25, 1822; m.. May 27, 1845, Azubah Lee, of Stanstead; children, 

1, Ernest A., b. Feb. 4, 1846; d.; 2, Adel F., b. Mar. 20, 1848; 
d. ; 3, William II., b. Aug., 1853; in. and lives in Stanstead; 
George P., has residence on the Plain in S., holding offices of 
importance for business and usefulness to the public; 3, Charles, 
b. May 22, 1824; m , Mary Calkins, in Lowell, Mass., had Mary 
C, b, Mar., 1855, and Charles, b. 1858; he died 1859 in Water- 
town, Michigan; 4, Adelia, b. May 9, 1826; m., Feb. 1, 1853, 
in Utah, Alabama, Lewis Harper, M.D., and has, 1, William L., 
b. Mar. 4, 1854; 2, Annie, b. June 20, 1857; d. Aug., 1858; 3^ 
Ernestine A., b. Feb., 1859; 4, Louisa A., b. 1860; 5, Arthur 
P., b. 1868; Dr. Harper died Mar., 1874. in Brunswick, Ger- 
many; Mrs. Harper has residence in Chicago and at Irving 
Park ; both daus. m., one lives in Chicago; 5, Louisa, b. June 

2, 1828; m., 1855, in Chicago, Oliver B. Green, of Worcester, 
Mass., has, Mary P., b. April 26, 1857; Olivia P. and Louisa 
P., twins, b. in 1860; Louisa d. infant; and Andrew H., b. 
Nov. 1, 1870; Mr. Green has been actively engaged in busi- 
ness doing much for the welfare of society, has residence 
403 North La Salle St., Chicago; 6, Esther, b. July, 1830; d. 
Oct., same year; 7, Ellen, b. Sept. 16, 1832; m., July, 1858, 

PoMROY Families. 77 

Generation No. VII. 
Quartus Bliss, of Compton P., Quebec, and has, Olive L., b. 
Sept. 8, 1859; 2, Lyman Q., b. Sept. 3, I86I; 3, Sarah A., b. 
Nov. 19, 1S62; 4, Ellen P., b. Aug. 14, 1866; residence of 
family Comptou; 8, Ilazen, b. April 26, 1834; ra., 1870, Nellie 
Clark, lives in Peru, Indiana; 9, Benjamin, b. Sept. 4, 1836; 
has lived at the old home in Stanstead; 10, Selah W., b. April 

4, 1839, has lived in Boston and in New Jersey; 11, Courtland, 
b. May 28, 1844; m., Charlotte Smith, has son Courtland, b. in 
1862 in Stanstead. 

Ilazen Poraroy was a farmer, worked too hard in earlier 
part of life, yet lived to a good age, to the last taking interest 
in family and business. Mrs. Lois P., died 1880. 

i^^3/JZFiVo. A' FZ— QUARTUS, m., 1822, Aliva, dau. 
of Nathan Stearns, and had, 1, Hannali, b. June 1, 1823; d. July 
22, 1845; 2, William H., I.. .Inly 29, 1828; d. Sept. 17, 1830; 
3, Lucy L., b. Nov. 13, 1829; d. Sept. 21, 1842; 4, Wright, b. 
July 27, 1833; ra. Adeline, dau. of Capt. James Young, of 
Stanstead, has Lucy, b. in 1863. 

Dea. Quartus Pomroy was long engaged in business, liberal 
and useful as a member of the church; lived for some time in 
the house formerly occupied by his father, but of late has had 
a home with his son Wrightln (Caswellboro) Stanstead. 

FAMILY No. A^ F7Z— BENJAMIN, m., 1823, Lucy, dau. 
of Jedediah Lee, of Stanstead, and had, 1, Selah J., b. Jan. 
1, 1825; 2, Maky Lee, b. Aug. 16, 1827; 3, infant son, b. April 

5, 1830; d.; 4, Erastus Lee, b. June 3, 1837; d. May 6, 1841. 
He began business as a clerk in the store of Ichabod Smith, 

Stanstead, next he went into business, 1823, in Slierbrooke, 
L. C. In 1830, he removed to Compton, L. C, and carried on 
farming. He was Captain of a c()nii)any raised 1837-8. Then 
Major of militia and Col., of 2d Battalion county of Compton. 
The construction of the Grand Trunk and other railroads took 
much of his interest, time and means* He was active in the 
establishment of the bank of the Eastern Townships, and the 

78 Genealogy of the 

Genkkation No. VII. 
first president in 1859, He was chosen j)resideiit of the Massa- 
"wippi Railway Company, June, 1862. 

Mrs. Liicy Pomroy died, was killed in 1854, being thrown from 
a carriage near the railroad, a most sudden and sorrowful event 
nearly overwhelming with grief the husband and children of 
the deceased. Few have lived moi-e amiable, devoted and 
estimable in all the relations of society. 

Col. Pomroy lived to a good age, happy in his home and 
grandchildren, dying where he had long resided and been well 
known and highly esteemed, in Compton. 

FAMILY No. XTTiZ— CORDELIA, m., Feb. 22, 1830, 
Leonard K. Benton, b. Feb., 1803, in Langdon, N. H., having 
residence in Stanstead, and had, 1, Sarah A., b. April 15, 1831; 
m., J 851, T. IL Dozier, and has, Martha P., b. 1852; m., 1871, 
had two children, d. 1873; William B., b. Oct., 1861, at Union 
Springs, Alabama; 2, Leonard K., b. Nov., 1832; d. infant; 
3, Cynthia H., b. Mar. 27, 1834; m., June, 1857, Capt, James 
Gilman, of Stanstead, has Cordelia B., b. Aug. 3, 1859; 4, 
Mary C, b. Jan. 29, 1836; m., June, 1857, Henry G. Pierce, 
Esq., of Stanstead, has Nancy A., b. April, 1858, m , and lives 
in Montreal; Henry F., b. Jan. 27, 1862 ; and Rose Mary, b. 
April 23, 1865 ; her husband died in 1870, a great affliction to 
kindred and friends and a heavy loss to the public, he being 
one of the most influential and highly esteemed citizens of the 
place; 5, William L, b. Aug. 8, 1839; d. Mar., 1864 ; 6, 
Harriet P., b. Jan. 5, 1841 ; m., Dec, 1866, Eugene Morrill, of 
Stanstead, has Jennie E., b. Aug., 1867 ; d. Jan., 1874 ; Benja- 
min B., b. Nov., 1868 ; Gilbert E., b. Jan., d. Aug., 1873 ; 
William, b. May, 1874 ; residence Stanstead ; 7, Emily W., b. 
Aug. 15, 1843; m., Nov., 1866, Charles E. Channell, of Stan- 
stead, has Leonard S., b. April 8, 1868 ; William E., b. Mar. 31, 
1871, a dau. b. Jan. 3, d. Feb. 14, 1873 ; and Mary A., b. Mar. 
26, 1874, in Montreal ; residence of late in Stanstead. 

Mrs. Cordelia Benton, died Jan. 2, 1874. Of a generous dis- 
position, open and frank, domestic and capable in her family, 

PoMROY Families. Vd 

Generation No. VII. 

true as a friend, consistent in duty, she closed a life of useful- 
ness in full hope of entrance into life eternal in Heaven. 

FAMILY No. X7X.— SELAH J., m., June 30, 1857, 
Victoria S., dau. of A. A. Adams, Esq., of Coaticook P., Q., b. 
Mar. 23, 1836, and has, 1, Lizzie Victoria, b. May 15, 1858; 2, 
Mary Agnes, b. Nov. 2, 1860; 3, Benjamin A , b. July 5, 1861 ; 
4, Albert Lee, b. July 17, 1863; 5, Aaron A., b. July 13, 1865; 
6, Lucy Lee, b. Nov. 7, 1870; 7, Elsie 13., b. Sept. 3, 1872. 

These were born in Compton, the residence of Col. Pomroy, 
where his son has been actively engaged in business doing 
much for the improvement of society while devoted to the 
comfort of his family. 

FAMILY No. A'X — MARY LEE, m., Feb. 12, 1850, 
Albert Phelps Ball, b. May 16, 1823, in Montreal, and has, 1, 
William Lee, b. Feb. 7, 1851, has been in the bank of the 
Eastern Township, m. and lives in Sherbrooke; 2, Benjamin P., 
b. May 8, 1854; d. May 3, 1860; 3, Albert L., b. Nov. 8, 1855; 
d. May 10, 1860; 4, Lucy Lee, b. Nov. 14, 1857; d. May 10, 
1860; 5, Benjamin P., b. Mar. 7, 1860; 6, Charles, b. Jan. 27, 
1862; d. June, 1863; 7, Erastus P., b. Aug. 2, 1863; 8, Albert 
E., b. Sept. 7, 1864; 9, Mary Eliza, b. Jan. 7, d. Sept. 10, 
1866; 10, James T., b. July 16, 1868; 11, Henry T., b. July 
18, 1871. 

A. P. Ball, Esq., resided some time in Sherbrooke, the birth- 
place of five children, has lived many years in Stanstead and of 
late on the place where Mrs. Ball's mother was born, long held 
by Erastus Lee, where the family has a happy home, and 
friends find a generous hospitality. 


I. SAMUEL, m., Jan. 30, 1722, Hannah Ilannum, and had, 
1, Samuel, b. Sept. 7, 1729; 2, Hannah, b. May 23, 1732, 3, 
Aaron, b. April 22, 1734, drowned July 14, 1785, 

80 Genealogy of the 

XoTES OF Other Families. 
11. CALEB, m., Nov. 15, 1733, Thankful Phelps, and had, 
1, Abuer, b. Sept. 7, 1734; 2, Elijah, b. Aug. 22, 173G; 3, 
Eleanor, b. April 1 1, 1738; 4, Caleb, b. July 10, 1740. 

///. DANIEL, m., Xov. 4, 1736, Rachel, Moselv, and had, 
1, Daniel, b. Nov. 3, 1737; 2, Abigail b. Sept. 12, 1739; 3, 
Timothy, b. April 16. 1742; 4, Rachel, b. Jan. 14, 1744-5; 5, 
Jerusha, b. Mar. 7. 1747: 6, William, b. Mar. 4, 1750; 7, 
Eleanor, b. Oct. 25, 1752. 

IT. JOSIAH, m. Lydia, and had 1, Eleazer, b. Oct. 17, 
1734; 2, Sharamah, b. Oct. 24, 1736; 3, Levi, b. Feb. 15, 173S; 
4, Eunice, b. Sept. 6, 1743-; 5, Dorothy, b. Feb. 2, 1745; 6, 
Benjamin, b. Mar. 16. 1747: 7, Jonathan, b. Feb. 26, 1749. 
The date of birth and parents of Josiah Pomroy not given. 
He lived it is said when aged with son Benjamin, in Williams- 
burg, I'Ut died iu Xortlianipton. 


I. JOHX, m. Mindwell, dau. of Isaac Sheldon, of Windsoi, 
Conn., and had Experience, b. Oct. 3, 1686; m. Ebenezer 
Lyman, of Northampton, and went to Durham. Conn. 

John P., d. 1686, in Northampton. A sou, John, b. 1687. 
Uis widow m. John Lyman, of Northampton, and d. in 1708. 

II. OLIVER, m. Nancy, dau. of John Sheldon, b. 1786, iu 
Suffield, Conn., had children there; wife died in 1861. 

Ill ABNER, m. Mercy, dau. of Noah Sheldon, of South- 
ampton, Mass., had Lucretia and Mercy, lived in Plattsburg, 
N. Y. He was, it is probable, a son of Caleb Pomroy. 

IV. SYLVESTER, m. Eliza A., dau. of Erastus Sheldon, 
b. 1816, had Robert, Joanna and Harriet, lived in Suffield. His 
wife d. in 1864. 

FoMKOY Families. 81 

Notes of Other Families. 
V. REV. RITFUS, ra. Azenath, dau. of Luther Edwards 
and Sarah Sheldon, lived in Otis, Mass. 

P 03IE i> OF EA S Til A MPT ON. 

Samuel and Eldad^ sons of Caleb of Northampton, settled in 
Easthampton, it is said about 1732; Samuel on land of Dea. E. 
W. Hannum ; Eldad near where John M. Clapp lived. Caleb, 
son of Samuel, lived near A. L. Stong's ; had son Enos, who 
took his father's place, also son Solomon, who lived where 
Eldad settled. Enos had son Warham and other children. 
Hiram, a son of Warham, has family and business most of the 
time in Westfield. 

Dea. Justus Pomroy, b. 1767, lived in east part of town, had 
children, Spencer and T. Jefferson, sons. Luther P. came from 
Southampton, has son Luther. 

82 Notes of Families and Persons. 


I. Children in faniilies. — Those having 7 children, 55 ; 
having 8 children, 44 ; having 10 children, 28 ; having 12 
children, 8; having 14 children, 1; having 15 children, 1. 

II. longev ity.-^'Porsons living to the age of 75 years, 28 ; 
living to 80 years, 18 ; living to 85 years, 8 ; living to 90 years, 
5. Josiah Lawrence d. 1844, aged 90 ; Mrs. Irene Goss d. 1853, 
aged 90 ; David Goss d. 18(51, aged 90 ; Nicholas Lawrence d. 
1858, aged 94; Enoch L., d. 1744, aged 94. 

III. Persons doing Military service. — Nicholas Lawrence, 
Philip Goss of Montague, and Joel Roberts of St. Johnsbury, 
in the Revolution. Edward F. Lawrence, Samuel A. Lawrence^ 
Charles A. Lawrence, Orlando Lawrence, and Enoch Blanchard, 
M. D., in the Rebellion. Col. Benj. Pomroy in the Canada 

IV. Medical Students and Physicians. — Leonard Goss, 
Norman Story Goss, Ralph Bugbee, senior, Ral])h B., jr., Abel 
G. B., Enoch Blanchard, Frank Bugbee, Lafayette and George 
Bugbee, and John E. Bangs. 

V. Preachers and Ministers. — Lucius Doolittle, Benjamin 
and Rufus Pomroy, Zenas Goss, Edward A. Hubbard, and 
John Lawrence, Samuel D. Hosmer, E. A. Lawrence, jr., 
Edward L. Graves. 

VI. The Xollowiiig statement given from papers not 
before examined. The value of household furniture kept 
for use, beds, bedding, pictures and articles made from 
domestic materials and kitchen utensils excepted, in families 
of Lawrences residing in Ashby, Groton and Pepperell, twenty- 
five in number, as reported 1815, ranged from $5 to $!60. Of 

gold and silver watches, — one, silver, was i-eported by Jabez 
Lawrence of Ashby. About twenty Lawrences in these towns 
reported, 1814, taxable property in value from $500 to |5000. 

Notes of Families and Persons. 83 

Watches were not so plenty then as now, nor luxuries so much 
sought. Possibly some of the Lawrences were richer than these 
reported, though all had enough for good living, 

VII. The new Lawrence families are given as received, not 
so full in dates and residences as is desirable. The records are 
correct and no family in the line of descent from John Law- 
rence coming into my hands lias failed of a j»lace in a ])rinted 

VIII. Goss is a name short and good, easy to speak and be 
heard. Formerly it had e mute final letter. 

The family of Philip Goss first settled in Lancaster, Mass., 
recently gathered, is here given as fully and fairly as could be 
done, some errors may be found — more might have been given 
of some families if obtained. To trace up the Gosses of other 
families in the country has not been desired, though notes of a 
f(>w fiist settlers in Mass., are given. 

IX. The name Poraroy is given as most familiar to me. It 
has been found in old records Pomeroy, Pomroy, Pummery 
and Pumry. 

The only difference in the name as now used is caused by 
retaining e which in common usage is mute. Euphony favors 
it as here given. 

With much labor has a portion of this sketch been traced 
and made as full as could be, though not in early records so 
satisfactory as might be desired. 

X. The value and importance of genealogy to the family and 
society many quite disregard. Ask a farmer for the pedigree 
of his horses, cows or sheep, he will trace back to some noted 
animals of the best stock and refer you to books in hie library. 

Ask for his own pedigi-ee, and possibly he can trace back two 
generations though not quite certain what his grandfather's 
given name was. 

A man in Ohio could not tell from what town in Vermont 
his father moved into that State. Such indifference or igno- 

84 Notes of Families and Persons. 

ranee is not respectful to the dead nor ])raisewort]iy to the 

XI. This portion of genealogy comprises in three lines 
of descent many families never before printed ; from the nature 
of the case and for convenience and economy they are grouped 
together. The notice of tl)e "Family" in the first part is just 
as good for the Gosses and Pomroys as the Lawrences. The 
sentence on the title page from Amos Lawrence about " home " 
will gain universal assent. To call the collection of families 
" In Memoriam " will do. To inscribe it to the memory of a much 
loved sainted mother, is both a duty and my highest privilege. 

Jfamil^ jl^eforti. 

< • « > » 

86 Family Eecokd. 


Names of Parents. 




Names of Children. 




Family Record. 



Names of Parents. 

Names of Children. 



1 ntK. 



Family Record. 


Names of Parexts. 

Names of Children. 







Ball Albert P., 79 

Bangs John E., 60 

Benton L. K., 78 

Bugbee Ralpli, 51 

Bugbee Ralph, Jr., 68 

Chapel William, 26 

Felch Alpheus, 29 

Goss Abel, 37 

Goss Abel, 52 

Goss Abel B., 67 

Goss Allen C., 66 

Goss Alpheus 40 

Goss Charles P., 53 

Goss Charles P., 62 

Goss Clark, 43 

Goss Curtis C, 66 

Goss David, 89 

Goss David, 47 

Goss David, 56 

Goss Edward M., 62 

Goss Henry M., 68 

Goss Horace C, 68 

Goss John (of Watertown,) 33 

Goss John, 35 

Goss Levi, 38 

Goss Levi, .••••. 67 

Goss Locke, 53 

Goss Nathaniel, 40 

Goss Nathaniel, 57 

Goss Noah, ..- 44 

Goss Philip (of Roxbury,) 33 

90 Index. 


Goss Philip, 34 

Gos9 Philip, 36 

Goss Philip, 55 

Goss Philip L., 48 

Goss Richanl, 50 

Goss Kicharcl O., 66 

Goss Samuel, 40 

Goss Willard C, 57 

Goss Zenas, 49 

Graves Ashley P., 59 

Hidden William H., 65 

Hosraer Zelotes, 58 

Knight Albert, 64 

Knight Charles S., 64 

Knight Samuel, 49 

Knight Samuel, 65 

Lawrence Alanson H., 25 

Lawrence Albert, 27 

Lawrence Amos J., 30 

Lawrence Charles A., -9 

Lawrence Daniel, 18 

Lawrence Daniel, 31 

Lawrence Diah, 19 

Lawrence Edward A., 60 

Lawrence Eleazer, 16 

Lawrence Enoch, 14 

Lawrence Ezekiel, 20 

Lawrence Gardner, 32 

Lawrence Hubbard, 42 

Lawrence Hubbard, 60 

Lawrence Jeremiah, 22 

Lawrence Joel B., 23 

Lawrence John, 7 

Lawrence John, 10 

Index. 91 


Lawrence John, 14 

Lawrence John W., 27 

Lawrence John, 61 

Lawrence Jonathan, 16 

Lawrence Jonathan, 20 

Lawrence Josiah, 19 

Lawrence Josiali, 31 

Lawrence Nathaniel, 11 

Lawrence Nathaniel, 17 

Lawrence Nicholas, 21 

Lawrence Nicholas, 24 

Lawrence Oren C, 28 

Lawrence Orlando, 29 

Lawrence Peleg, 13 

Lawrence Richard, 22 

Lawrence Richard, 25 

Lawrence Sidney, 28 

Lawrence Thomas, 31 

Lawrence Thomas, 32 

Lawrence Thomas A., 32 

Lawrence Washington H., 28 

Lawrence Wolcott, 25 

Lawrence Zechariah, 18 

McCaw James, 65 

Pomroy Abner, 80 

Pomroy Benjamin, 74 

Pomroy Benjamin, 77 

Pomroy Caleb, 71 

Pomroy Caleb, 80 

Pomroy Daniel, 80 

Pomroy Ebenezer, 72 

Pomroy Ebenezer, 73 

Pomroy Eldad, 73 

Pomroy Eltweed, • • '^O 

92 Index. 


Pomroy Hazen, VG 

Pomroy John, 72 

Pomroy John, 80 

Pomroy Joseph, VI 

Pomroy Josiab, 80. 

Pomroy Joshua, 71 

Pomroy Medad, 70 

Pomroy Oliver, 80 

Pomroy Quartus E., 73 

Pomroy Quartus, 77 

Pomroy Rufus, 81 

Pomroy Samuel, 73 

Pomroy Samuel, 79 

Pomroy Selah, 75 

Pomroy Selah J., 79 

Pomroy Seth, 73 

Pomroy Sylvester, 80 

Potter Inego, 13 

Roberts Hiram, 55 

Roberts Mollis, 54 

Roberts Joel, 38 

Rust James, 63 

Stearns John, 36 

Stearns Clark, 41 

Warner Aaron, 24 

Wheaton Zalmon, 54 

Wheeler Gardner, 56 


'^•'^ i - 1930